#Zoobiameer: Whole Nation Shocked As Video Of Son Beating His Own Mother Goes Viral


Now Reading: #Zoobiameer: Whole Nation Shocked As Video Of Son Beating His Own Mother Goes Viral

As if the steadily rising horrifying incidents of rape and domestic violence weren’t enough, the entire nation has yet again been unanimously shocked and disgusted as a video of a son along with his wife beating his OWN mother has went viral on the internet. This horrific incident took place in the Sadiqabad area of Rawalpindi.

When the video first emerged, speculations were being made on what the actual matter was. Though, it was only after a girl called Zoobia Meer made a cry for help that it was revealed that the man in question was the girl’s brother, named Arsalan and the woman he was beating in the video was none other than his own mother. In said video, it could be seen that not only was the mother being beaten to a pulp but she was also getting harshly verbally abused in words that no son would use for his own family. Here’s the video in question: (TW; Explicit)

After the disturbing video was uploaded, Zoobia revealed in a statement that the police was not cooperating with them. When the police was called to the scene to arrest the man, they did it for the time being and just let him go after a short time. They didn’t even register an FIR. She so desperately recorded the video in such a situation for fear of that very reason.


Case Filed Against Arsalan And His Wife

Zoobia said that the police didn’t register the FIR at first and it wasn’t until the video went viral that they finally took notice. Later on, the official twitter account of Rawalpindi police revealed that it had filed a case against the alleged offender and he would soon be brought to justice.

The police lodged the case under sections 337-A, 337-B and 334 of the Pakistan Penal Code.


#Zoobiameer Trends As The Nation Demands Justice

This incident has united the nation in demanding justice for Zoobia Meer and her mother – Gulnaz Bibi. The authorities are being asked to punish the offenders severely on this offence. The son – Arsalan is especially on the fore front of all the anger and rage (and of course, deservedly so).

People are calling on the government and human rights activists to teach the son a lesson. They are asking them to make an example out of the offenders to prevent any similar cases in the future.

Celebrities and influencers are also using their platforms to condemn this despicable act. Hamza Ali Abbasi wished the ‘deepest most rotten corner of hell’ on the son who committed this offence.

“I would love to get arrested for life time just to shoot him in the head in front of everyone,” wrote Ducky bhai about the son.

Other Side Of The Story?

After #Zoobiameer trended on social media, Arsalan’s wife – Bisma – uploaded their side of the story in which she stated that the mother was the one who initiated the violence. She revealed how they were the ones getting attacked and that herself, along with her to-be-born child were subjected to violence. Here’s what she had to say:

Nation Still Stands With #Zoobiameer

Even the ‘other side’ of the story was revealed, it looks like the nation is firm on its stand and the hashtag #Zoobiameer continues to trend. Rightfully so too, since video proof of the offence exists. More so especially after Zoobia Meer and her mother talked about the incident in an interview and how it had happened several times before. They talked in detail on the matter with Waqar Zaka and how the wife was the initiator of the incident. She stated;

“My son has beaten me over a family dispute related to his wife.”

She further revealed how the wife was a runaway and was constantly involved in questionable stuff. Moreover, they stated that even after the police’s assurance of a case, they aren’t cooperating with Zoobia and her family with it.

Here’s Gulnaz Bibi’s full interview with Waqar Zaka:

What has this world come to? It is SO disgusting to see that a son would commit such an act against his own mother. Truly horrifying. May Allah guide this nation!


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