5G in Pakistan

Zong to introduce 5G in Pakistan in 2019


This just in. We are soon getting upgraded. The telco brand Zong internationally known as China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak), has successfully conducted the first ever 5G trials in Pakistan. The company has always been ahead in internet speed and providing excellent connectivity, but as of this, Pakistan will be the first in South Asia to get 5G technology.

According to the PTA, the excessive consumption of mobile data and consumer demand for improved broadband services has pushed companies to work on 5G in Pakistan. Zong has announced the successful tests over social media and in detail with Press releases.

Zong bring 5G to Pakistan
“Our teams are working very hard not only to bring new technology to the Pakistani people but also the applications and end-to-end solutions to enhance the quality of life for the local people.”

Liu Dianfeng
CEO and Chairman Zong
Zong introduces 5g







Previously, Zong introduced 4G technology in the country and has over 13 million 4G users in the country.

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