Zong becomes first South Asian Network to successfully test its 5G services


Pakistani mobile data network operator Zong has successfully tested its 5G services in Pakistan and has become the first network in South Asia to do so. The test has put Pakistan among the technologically advanced countries and has strengthened Zong’s position as the innovation leader in Pakistan’s telecommunications industry. The tests produced an unprecedented speed of more than 1 GB / s, and some unique test cases also demonstrated the true power and potential of high-speed Internet.

Zong is also preparing to demonstrate new use cases for 5G and its unimaginable innovative cross-sectoral applications.

Zong has fascinated the nation with its technical skills and has set the direction of the development of a digital Pakistan by achieving the goal of minimal latency and extraordinary speeds of more than 1 GB / s. The global release of 5G will provide a new era of connectivity that will have a profound impact on all industries, from manufacturing to agriculture, from financial services to the media, and from health-care to education. 5G will completely change the way of communication and is all set to become the connection backbone for AI, IoT, blockchain, big data, and machine learning.

Wang Hua, the Chairman, and CEO of the Zong network said,

“Pakistan is destined to witness a global communication revolution and with Zong at the helm of this digital transformation, we can promise our customers a very exciting future. With a legacy of being the first operator to connect Pakistan through its state-of-the-art 4G services, Zong has impressed the world with its successful 5G testing. We are confident that we will be able to showcase more cutting-edge and innovative applications of 5G in the days to come.”

The world is also preparing for the implementation of 5G technology on a global level, and Pakistan’s digital leader Zong is ready to present more fascinating 5G test cases at a non-commercial level. Zong is an industry leader with the largest number of 4G customers, the largest 4G compatible network, and is the pioneer of successful 5G services testing in Pakistan. Zong has played a key role in Pakistan’s digital revolution.

5G Sims and 5G Phones in Pakistan:

Zong has only tested its 5G services in Pakistan. The 5G services and sims of Zong are not yet available but they are expected to soon become available in the country. However, some mobile phone companies like Samsung and Huawei have released the 5G variants of their recent flagship devices in Pakistan.


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