Zhalay Sarhadi Says Hiring Esra Bilgic Is “A Slap To Our Faces”, Supports Yasir Hussain


Now Reading: Zhalay Sarhadi Says Hiring Esra Bilgic Is “A Slap To Our Faces”, Supports Yasir Hussain

Pakistanis have absolutely loved the Turkish drama series ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’ ever since it got released in the country and now, it is popular among pretty much the entirety of the nation. One of its characters that got the country’s people fawning over her is that of Halime Sultan, portrayed by Esra Belgic. The actress has received a massively positive response from the nation for her exceptional beauty and grace along with her outstanding acting skills.

The love Esra received from the Pakistani people led her to becoming a part of the Pakistan’s entertainment industry. From being featured on the cover of June edition of the Pakistani magazine ‘HELLO’ to becoming the brand ambassador of QMobile, the Turkish actress has been actively taking part in the country’s industry. While this has massively pleased her Pakistani fans, some of the celebrities did not seem to share the same sentiments.

Yasir Hussain was among the very first celebrities that spoke out against this. Since then, he has also been running a sort of campaign on this matter for the country’s brands to not make foreign celebs their ambassadors.


Sharing these thoughts, some of the other Pakistani celebrities have come out too, speaking against these decisions. Such thoughts were also shared by the Muqadma actress – Zhalay Sarhadi – in an interview.

“Hiring Esra A Slap To Our Faces,” Says Zhalay

Speaking on the matter of the Ertugrul actress being hired as QMobile’s brand ambassador, the Pakistani model and actress declared it a slap on her face. She made the case that brands should take stars from their own country instead of foreign ones. Zhalay said;

“We have short term gains. If you have chosen Halima and made her a brand ambassador over here, it’s a slap to our faces. It’s an actual slap to our faces. Why are you borrowing a star from another country?”

The actress also backed Yasir Hussain, who from the beginning, is against the Turkish stars to be cast in the Pakistani entertainment industry. She further extended her total support to Yasir in this matter. “Why don’t you create anything over here? Why are people afraid to create in this country? So I totally support Yasir Hussain in the debate,” she added.

Here’s what she said;

Celebrities other than Zhalay have also backed Yasir in his argument in the past. The popular twin Pakistani actresses – Minal Khan and Aimen Khan – seemed to agree with Yasir’s statements.

Esra Zhalay

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think foreign celebrities like Esra getting opportunities such as this would have a positive impact on the country’s entertainment industry’s international image or do you agree with Yasir Hussain? Tell us in the comments below!


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