Zartaj Gul's Theory Of COVID-19 Has Become The Best Meme Material

Zartaj Gul’s Theory Of COVID-19 Has Become The Best Meme Material


News Today: Zartaj Gul’s Theory Of COVID-19 Has Become The Best Meme Material

Zartaj Gul is the Minister of State for Climate Change has made a fool out of herself on the national television by presenting an interesting theory for why COVID-19 has a “19” in it. Being a representative of the government she would be expected to show a responsible attitude with her statements. However, Zartaj Gul has an absurd view on the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has put many people into speculation whether the government is even interested in taking this issue seriously.

The 35 year old minister says that the “19” in COVID-19 stands for the 19 points of the virus which are applicable on all countries in different ways in the immunity department. What this means is something nobody has been able to comprehend just yet. The statements were so obscene that Zartaj Gul’s theory of COVID-19 has become the best meme material. Pakistanis are always looking for the content which can provide the best meme juice. Zartaj Gul made sure to be just enough irresponsible with her statements that would provide the Pakistani social media a great time making creative memes. What she had to say, let’s hear it from herself.

Even the show host can be seen in absolute awe as he does not know what to do with such stupidity. When even the common man in the street is able to call something foolish because it denies reality, it becomes really worrisome to realize that none other than Pakistani government is behind such a notion.

Insane Public Reaction

Pakistanis are doing what they do best. Roasting the absolute best out of a personality. Pakistanis have opted Zartaj Gul’s distinct outlook on life and have started creating new and new memes with every passing second. Some of the best memes have been included in this article. Do not forget to post yours in our comments’ section.

Some People Are Extremely Angry

Some people have not taken this stupidity and lack of information lightly. Pakistan has had to experience a brutal brunt of the pandemic, affecting millions of poor people and rendering millions unemployed. In such uncertain times, the display of such a carefree and irresponsible attitude is unacceptable. This is just an example of how misinformed our government is about the actual problem and how they refuse to educate themselves. Pakistanis are of the view that such lack of knowledge is enough to conclude that Pakistan is doomed.

And Zartaj Gul being the minister for climate change did not even need to address the pandemic situation. Are doctors irrelevant? Are healthcare workers irrelevant? Do these ministers and politicians sitting on government seats governing 220 million people have more technical knowledge of the problem than scientists? Even the doctors in government cabinets are biased and not ready to state facts. This is time we reject we all types of foolery.

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