Youtube Takes Down PTV’s Official Channel


Now Reading: Youtube Takes Down PTV’s Official Channel

Youtube has taken down and suspended PTV’s official channel, brought about by bad mismanagement of the account. The Youtube authorities reportedly took down the account after several repeated violations of copyright. As per the details, there are many dramas which PTV Home was uploading but did not have the digital rights of these dramas.

According to reports, this suspension took place during the Eid Holidays. Managing Director of PTV Home was questioned on the matter to which he replied that he had no clue of the development, mainly credited to the Holidays. He assured that their Public Relations agency would get on the matter as soon as the Eid holidays end.

PTV’s IT Controller UNFAZED With The Development

The IT controller of PTV in Islamabad – Kashif Masood – remained unfazed by the deletion. Upon getting contacted on the matter, he said that the closure of the channel wasn’t a ‘big deal’. He revealed that the channel’s management had already made a new channel. He also said that all the broadcasts of PTV Home are also running on that channel.

Kashif further went on to explain the cause of this deletion. He said that this took place because several Pakistani dramas air simultaneously on PTV Home (amidst other TV channels). This makes it so there is not enough time for all of their digital rights to be acquired. All this ends up creating copyright issues.


The IT controller assured that their team is in regular contact with Google as well as the copyright claimers for this situation. He seemed optimistic on the thought that the Youtube channel, having over 0.4 millions subscribers, would get recovered real soon. Kashif said;

“It’s not a very serious issue, it usually happens. I’ve shut down many channels myself because of copyrights.”

While there are very high chances of the channel getting recovered, it is important to note that PTV is also running multiple other channels on Youtube and are not to be mixed with PTV Home. These other channels include Sports, National, Global and News. PTV Home is THE country-run channel that provides entertainment by airing dramas, songs and other entertainment programs. The very popular Youtube channel of Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi is also among PTV’s channels.

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