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You Will Now be Fined for Slow Driving in Fast Lane


Now Reading : You Will Now be Fined for Slow Driving in Fast Lane

In a bid to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, the Karachi traffic police has decided to strictly enforce the lane rules in the metropolis.

Karachi’s Deputy Inspector General of traffic police (DIG) Iqbal Dara said that the motorists driving at slow speeds in the fast lane shall also be penalized because motorists who drive slow in fast lanes increase pressure on roads. Besides that, he added that challans will also be issued to the drivers of two and three-wheelers if they enter the fast lane.

He maintained that motorbikes and rickshaws are not allowed on the fast lanes. He also urged the masses to avoid using cellphones while driving and follow the traffic rules to keep their and other’s lives safe.

People wanting to drive at lower speeds should keep to the slower lanes but most do not follow this rule and even drive at the minimum speed in the fast lane. It is said in many countries that drivers should ideally stay at least two seconds behind a vehicle that is directly in front of his or her vehicle in a fast lane. This is very useful and can be applied to any speed.

Iqbal Dara further said that the lane rules will help reduce road accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the city.

fast lane

The DIG added that the step is being taken in order to ensure discipline on the roads. He said that the violators of traffic rules are a menace not only to the flow of traffic but also to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

He also said that the authorities will strictly enforce the abidance of rules on the road and take immediate action against those who are caught violating the rules.

Earlier on December 29, amid a growing number of fatal road accidents due to drunk driving, Sindh police had decided to procure breathalysers to discourage the practice of driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol.

According to police officials, as many as 90 breathalysers would be procured initially. The devices would be first deployed in different parts of Karachi and then expanded to other districts of the province, they had added.

They said the traffic police have got a sample of the device used to measure the amount of alcohol in a driver’s breath. A relevant committee will give a go-ahead for their procurement.

The officials said those found driving under the influence of alcohol will not only be fined but also arrested.

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