You Can Now Report Plastic Ban Violations in Islamabad


Now Reading: You Can Now Report Plastic Ban Violations in Islamabad

Citizens of Islamabad can now use the City Islamabad app to report retailers and manufacturers who are in violation of the city’s plastic bag ban.

Zartaj Gul, the Minister of State for Climate Change, made the announcement at a press conference on Thursday, highlighting the government’s key initiatives for climate management in the country.

Minister Zartaj Gul explained that the City Islamabad app now has an independent domain that takes users through a step-by-step complaint registration process. The complaint is then forwarded to the relevant department of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) as well as the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC).

A joint raiding team of Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) , the ICT administration, the Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency, the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI), and the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has inspected and apprehended over 900 retailers, eateries, and factories so far to enforce the ban, according to the minister.

She went on to say that more than 3.5 tonnes of plastic bags and related material had been seized, with violators facing fines of more than Rs. 2.75 million.

The environment has become a hot topic for both government officials and social activists since Islamabad’s regulations against the use of plastic bags were imposed almost 16 months ago. It is a good initiative as plastic bags tend to disrupt the environment in a serious way. They get into soil and slowly release toxic chemicals. They eventually break down into the soil, with the unfortunate result being that animals eat them and often choke and die. Several other countries have also imposed ban on plastic bags.

Individuals found carrying plastic bags are subject to a fine of Rs. 5,000, which the government reserves in principle. To ensure that the ban is strictly enforced, retailers and manufacturers could face fines of up to Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 100,000, respectively.

Plastic also affects human health. Toxic chemicals leach out of plastic and are found in the blood and tissue of nearly all of us. So, we should also try to avoid using plastic as much as we can.

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