World’s Largest Salt Refinery in the Works by Pakistan in Balochistan


Now Reading: World’s Largest Salt Refinery in the Works by Pakistan in Balochistan

A new salt refinery is going to be set up in an Industrial zone in southern Pakistan i.e. Balochistan  by Hub Pak Salt Refinery – Pakistan’s first salt manufacturing company. As per the salt manufacturer, this new refinery would be the world’s largest refinery in size and through it, Pakistan would become the third biggest processor of salt in the world.

As of right now, the largest salt-producing facility in the entire world is located near Guerrero Negro, on the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Providing nine percent of the world’s salt used in industries, it covers 86,500 acres of land and produces a whopping 10 million tons of salt a year.

Despite having the second largest salt reserves in the entire world, Pakistan only manufactures four million tons of the world’s total salt. Two of the main sources of salt in Pakistan are the Saline Lakes and Khewra Salt Mine.


Khewra Salt Mine is located in Punjab and is the world’s second largest salt mine along with being the main source of Himalayan pink salt. The saline lakes on the other hand are landlocked water bodies that have a significantly higher concentration of salts and other dissolved minerals compared to most lakes. Producing industrial grade salt, 170 such lakes are present in Sindh.

In comparison to its production, the amount of salt Pakistan exports is even less i.e. only 400,000 tons each year. For context, the total salt produced in the world is somewhere around 300 million tons. In a private venture, Hub Pak Salt Refinery plans to change this. This new salt refinery will be set up across 150,000 acres of land in the Hub Industrial zone of Balochistan, near Karachi.


As per the manufacturing company’s officials, the facility is expected to start production in 2023. The proposed facility will not only elevate Pakistan to become the world’s third largest producer of salt but also exalt it to become its second largest exporter. According to Ismail Suttar – CEO of Hub Pak Salt Refinery – after the plant starts working, the country would become able to export salt worth more than one billion dollars, or in other words, four percent of its total exports.

In numbers, the plants would skyrocket Pakistan’s exports from 400,000 tons to about 30 million. Currently, the major destinations of Pakistani salt are the United States, Europe, UAE, Australia, Japan, South Korea as well as African countries where it is getting used in the textile, leather, chemical sectors. The new plant may also increase the number of countries that Pakistan exports salt to.

“$350 million is the investment cost of the project,” Ismail Suttar stated. He further added that the salt refinery would also provide job opportunities to over 2,000 people after its completion.

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