Women in Swat shot dead her lover when he rejected her marriage proposal

Women in Swat shot dead her lover when he rejected her marriage proposal


To this day, we have heard a lot about incidents where a man killed his lover or the girl he liked for not accepting a marriage proposal. Besides, acid attacks, kidnappings, forced marriages, and honor killings are mounting in our society. But this incident is quite the opposite.

A Woman in Swat shot her lover dead over rejecting her marriage proposal. This ghastly incident took place in Barikot in the Swat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Details from the Barikot’s Police Report

As per details, the police identified the murderer women as Neelum and the deceased man as Hassan Ali. Both Neelum and Hassan were in a long term relationship for many years.

Police reports stated that both Neelum and Hassan were already married. Neelum has three kids with her husband and Hassan has 5 kids with her wife.

Reportedly, Hassan used to tease Neelum’s first husband for having an affair with him. As a result, he divorced Neelum.

However, Neelum got married the second time but Hassan did the same with her second husband. There are reports that Neelum’s second husband divorced her as well but there is no confirmation yet. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Neelum is still living with her second husband.

The Incident

The deceased man, Hassan Ali has his clothing store in Meena Bazaar. Neelum who wears shuttlecock burqa went to his shop and shoot him dead.

Reportedly, she went to his shop before but there were lots of customers so she left. Later in the veil, she visited Hassan’s shop. First, she acted as a customer but when she found the right minute she shoots him dead. Locals of Bazaar caught Neelum and handed her to the police.

What about the Pistol?

This is quite surprising that when police asked Neelum to demonstrate the usage of a pistol, she done it quite well.

Upon further investigation, Police dug down that Neelum went to Rawalpindi a few days back and sold her gold earrings to buy Pistol. Whereas, Neelum denies this and told that she made up all this. This pistol belongs to her husband.

From this incident, it can be inferred that Neelum has either taken revenge on Hassan or she wants to protect her self-esteem.


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