Woman Sets World Record By Hugging A Tree [Shocking Details]

Woman Sets World Record By Hugging A Tree [Shocking Details]


Currently Reading: Woman Sets World Record By Hugging A Tree [Shocking Details]

Guinness world book of records is full of world records which are completely out of the ordinary. Same is the case with this new world record, in which a woman named Adrienne Long hugged a tree for the longest time in human history. According to the official record details, she hugged the tree for a little more than ten hours. Long’s attempt at making this world record completely thrashed her competition, with the previous record holder only lasting for 8 hours and 15 minutes. However, this record of Long is a lot more than what just meets the eye, and we are all about that. This woman sets world record by hugging a tree while also enlightening us with some important things.

Adrienne’s Awareness Campaign

Everybody in Adrienne’s neighborhood is familiar with the ‘Chipko Movement’ which was initiated and given momentum by a group of women to stop the deforestation and urbanization process. However, this campaign lost its sparkle when industry giants that were being affected as a result of that campaign ran conspiracies and lawsuits against the activist group.

Long has once again geared up for the same purpose. Her hugging the tree is according to her, a symbol of affection with nature and a notion that humans should care about forests and wildlife.

Woman Sets World Record By Hugging A Tree [Shocking Details]

With her world record, she is mass gathering an audience to actually understand the cause behind her hugging a tree, as she states that people can only bring about a change if everyone stands on the same page.

A Non-profit Event

A full extent event was organized by Adrienne’s good friend Sarah Medley. Sarah owns and runs a salon and spa in the town. She made use of her spa in an attempt to attract more people and  in it, she organized fun and relaxing activities which included yoga, dancing, exercise, guided meditation, etc, while Long stood there 10 hours to break the record. A digital watch board was also installed near Adrienne while the world record tree-hugging. All proceedings from the event were donated to forest saving movements.

The entire live event was recorded and streamed live by a Facebook page which was aptly named ‘World Record Tree Hug.’ Right from the start, many videos were being shared on the page which also included the spa sessions along with Adrienne hugging the tree.

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