Will Pakistani Actor Yasir Hussain be starring in Disney's new movie?

Will Pakistani Actor Yasir Hussain be starring in Disney’s new movie?


Yasir Hussain might be making his Hollywood debut in Disney’s new movie according to his suspicious post on Instagram. The actor has lately been found trending on a lot of social media platforms either due to his sattire or in some cases ruthless comments on other actors.

The actor was recently spotted in Disney Land in the United States with his fiancée Iqra Aziz.

He took to his Instagram to break this misleading news. He posted a picture showing that he might have been given a role in Disney’s new movie The Princess Diaries.

According to the poster of the movie that he has shared, he has apparently already been working under the company but the jokey caption under his post implies that Yasir is just tricking everyone and the post is just a joke. His post read, “Hollywood debut #theprincessdiaries #yasirhussain #usa #hollywood #celebrate.”

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