Will Call of Duty:Mobile beat PUBG Mobile in terms of mobile gaming?

Will Call of Duty:Mobile beat PUBG Mobile in terms of mobile gaming?


Not more than a week ago, Timi studios and Activision released COD: Mobile and during this short span this game has been the hottest chat among the gaming society, whether it will surpass PUBG or not?

In comparison, PUBG Mobile also has several modes, and each one is unique in its own manner but none of them has the adrenaline pumping experience as COD. The closest one can get to getting fast-paced action is on War Mode, and even that forces you to annoyingly jump from the plane every time you die.


The gameplay for COD wasn’t lagging and nobody has experienced any bug/error while playing this game. If PUBG cannot figure out a way to fix their bugs/errors than it won’t be a difficult task for COD to take their place as the best Mobile Battle Royale game.

Just like previous COD games this particular game also has a number of interesting maps. As compared to PUBG there are greater number of maps and hence more immense gameplay and it feels satisfying after winning a match

If you talk about graphics, even in low graphics, people have great gaming experience and it runs smoothly on budget devices as well. Hence, it is made for low-end smartphones.

So if we take under consideration the overall reviews of people in comparison of both games, then YES COD: Mobile will take over the place of PUBG.


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