Wife throws acid on her husband when he said he wanted to remarry


What comes to your mind whenever you heard about an acid attack?

Yeah right! Your imagination flew to an innocent young girl as a victim. No! Today you have to break this stereotype.

Recently, a wife throws acid on her husband when he teases her saying he will do second marriage.

According to the news, Wife shared all about the incident saying “I love my husband wholeheartedly. When he said he will do another marriage, it will bring me to tears. I got so angry and throw acid on him.”

On the contrary, Husband stated that it was all just a fun talk. He has no intention of a second marriage. Further, he said he possesses a deep love for her life and he never wanna betray her.

Sources have affirmed that after hearing the statement of husband, the wife’s anger melted away. Moreover, she felt sad about her wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness from her husband.

However, the husband seems to be a kind-hearted and loving man that he forgives his wife immediately. Besides forgiving he promises his wife that he never does such act of teasing again.

The act of throwing acid is considered a violent assault. These attacks may lead to severe damages to the parts on which acid had been thrown, Sometimes it may lead to the dissolving of bones and blindness.

Acid attacks are common in South Asian countries. The number of acid attacks in India is increasing every year which leads India to the top of the table.

ASF reported that “Mostly acid attack victims in Pakistan are women. The good news is the ratio of acid attacks notably fell in previous years.”

BTW! God knows if the husband was actually just joking or did he change his intentions and statement after this aggressive behavior of his wife?

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