Why is Ali Zafar Trending on Twitter? Even he doesn’t know [Fun Story]


When #AliZafar started going viral on Twitter the first thing that comes to our minds was ‘What now?’ With the recent controversy that surrounded Ali, no one was sure what’s going on, until we realised its the fans cry on PSL anthem. 

Ali Zafar gets nervous about this news but soon he came to know the adorable reason behind #AliZafar. The PSL5 has launched its anthem song ‘Tayyar Hain’ featuring Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Haroon Rashid, and Asim Azhar. After the launch of this anthem, not only Ali’s fans but also the lovers of PSL were started missing his Anthem “seeti bajay gi, stage sajay ga, taali bajay gi, ab khel jamay ga!“. 

Moreover, last year’s anthem, ‘Khel Deewano Ka’ was sung by Fawad Khan. Both anthem songs of PSL 4 & 5 didn’t manage to get such fame and love from the fans as much as the first three PSLs anthems got.

People are still not getting over the melodious voice and beautiful anthems songs of the first three PSLs sung by Ali Zafar, making him one of the top trends in the country:

Twitter is full of tweets from the fans of PSL and Ali Zafar’s mellifluous voice.


Many of Ali Zafar fans asking him to dedicate a song of PSL on his own.

Some die heart fans of PSL claiming that Ali Zafar should be the only one allowed to sing PSL anthems because no one can beat him.

 ‘Seeti Bajay Gi’ is the first thing that comes to mind whenever someone talks about PSL. This anthem got the heart of fans and Ali Zafar set such a benchmark for upcoming anthems which seems difficult to match.


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