Who Exactly Is ‘Binod’? Solving The Mystery Behind The Most Bizarre Twitter Meme Trend


Now Reading: Who Exactly Is ‘Binod’? Solving The Mystery Behind The Most Bizarre Twitter Meme Trend

Nowadays, its anyone’s guess what the next social media meme trend is going to be. Even keeping in mind the weird nature of such trends on platforms like twitter, the latest inclusion to the bucket list of jokes is something extremely bizarre.  This latest trend has left most of the users perplexed and confused, wondering ‘who this viral trend is about’. The platforms are abuzz with sarcastic jokes and hilarious photo captions, all focused around one word: Binod.

The trending word ‘Binod’ has been making rounds on the internet lately. This singular word has left everyone bewildered, wondering what it’s all about. Popularizing the meme trend for this mysterious word, everyone – from police forces to well-known brands – is chiming in with their own iteration of the trend by using the hashtag #BinodMeme as it continues to dominate the social media.

Where Did Binod’s Story Start? The Mystery Cracked

For all the wondering folks, the story of Binod started with a video the YouTube channel “Slayy Point” put out where the channel’s creators decided to explore one of their video’s comments section, dubbing it as “garbage”. The channel released a video on July 15th, tilted “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”. In said video, the creators showed their audience the bizarre, weird and crude comments left on their videos by YouTube users. One of the comments stood out to them, where they noticed a user who went by the name of “Binod Tharu”, left nothing but his first name i.e. “Binod” as a comment under their videos. This, quite naturally, baffled them.

Binod Tharu has a YouTube account with no videos. His activities on Youtube are solely limited to watching videos on Youtube and occasionally going to the comment section to write ‘Binod’. The channel creators of Slayy Point of course made fun of the comment, presenting various comedic situations where the answer to every question was ‘Binod’.

Everything is “Binod”

Little did Slayy Point know, their little comedic skit would end up creating a wild and bizarre meme trend on social media. Soon after the video’s release, other YouTubers started reporting ‘Binod’ comments storming their videos as well. Everything became Binod. As even the Urban Dictionary wrote;

“Everything is Binod. Binod is the beginning and the end.”

As the meme originated from India, most of India’s brand biggest names, whether it be Amazon or Airtel, joined in on the meme trend. Amazon even embraced the fact that everything is, indeed, Binod!

Dinsey+ Hotstar didn’t fall behind either and shared their take on the trend too.

Indian Netflix also showed appreciation to their very own version of Binod too, who never missed a comment on their tweets for the past year.

Mumbai and Nagpur’s police departments joined in on the viral trend too. They did their part by expressing concerns for the original comment maker’s safety in a comedic way.

One of India’s largest online payment platform, Paytm, also got so mesmerized with the trend that on a request from a user, it even changed the name of its Twitter account to the viral meme trend!


Well after this social media storm had calmed a bit down, the channel where it all began from i.e. Slayy Point uploaded another video cracking the mystery for those unaware. The channel creators also embraced and were proud of the fact that they had the honor of being the founders of arguably the most bizarre meme trend in the history of social media!

Where were you when one of the weirdest viral trends in social media history was created? Let us know in the comments below!


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