White house protests- White House blackout

White House Attack: Trump taken into bunker as George Floyd protests erupt


White House under attack: Donald Trump is rushed to a White House bunker as thousands of protesters have reached the White House Protesting George Floyd’s death. It is for the first time in History that White House is under total attack.

President Trump was transferred to the White House underground bunker by the secret service after the protests on police brutality attracted large crowds in Washigton DC. For over a week riots are going on throughout the country on the unjust murder of George Floyd to which Donald Trump’s response was not consolidating.

Angry protesters have reached the boundaries of White House. It is even being reported that 40 special service agents are injured in the riot. The whole city has gone in a blackout as the situation got out of control.

As the situation worsens, people are now calling out the state to abolish the police departments and massive riots are toppling over the current state of affairs in the country.

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