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Which Money Heist Character Are You? – Zodiac Signs


Crime never pays – unless you concoct an elaborate, multi-year plan involving multiple schemes, characters and cities. Then crime pays.

La Casa De Papel has got the world in frenzy since its release in 2017 and it would be a crime to not enjoy it enough. The crime thriller follows a group of well-organized robbers with intent on pulling off the biggest assault ever seen in Spain’s history, putting the entire underworld in awe.

We’ve stuck our own hands through La Casa De Papel to decrypt which character matches with your zodiac sign.

Our astrological breakdown of your favorite Money Heist characters will uncover whom you share the most characteristics in common and connection with. With such a vast and multi-dimensional gang of money craving bandits, there is a character assigned for every zodiac sign.



The impulsiveness and determination of the Aries zodiac sign is most similar to Berlin, the narcissistic and shrewd second in command of the gang. Berlin has some moments of absolute madness and randomness throughout the series, but that being said he somehow manages to keep everyone in line. Well mostly! Love him or despise him, Berlin makes an effective leader and is definitely worth-watching.




The Professor

Taurus people are reliable, super smart and practical; do these character qualities remind you of a certain someone, perhaps the mastermind of the entire thing; the Professor? The Professor is well aware of exactly how to keep a cool head when things appear to be falling apart and is always tends to figure a way out of trouble. The Professor is incredibly intelligent and despite his awkward behaviour is really close to his friends.





The expressive and psychic Gemini really reminds us of Denver. At first Denver seems a immature and less composed, troubled and lost, although as time advances and the heist advances, Denver seems to grow in maturity and find his path. Denver never fails to make us giggle and his one-liners really are the definition of a creative mind. Who can forget his “signature” laugh? This lovely yet troubled lad is definitely the Gemini of the gang.





Cancer people are very intellectual, emotional and sensitive just like Rio! Rio the mastee in technology is a very interesting character and is crowded with moments of doubt and worry throughout Money Heist, yet in the end his love for Tokyo brings him through.





The faithful, headstrong and buzzy Tokyo is the Leo of the bandits. Despite her hard shell and rebellious exterior, Tokyo really does have a precious heart of gold and would do anything for her beloved friends. Tokyo is one of the most smoking and unpredictable characters and just like Leo, doesn’t bore us a bit.





Virgo people are often low-key , intelligent and humble which is why we think Moscow is the best character match for Virgo. Moscow is a father figure for many members of the gang and is always there for his friends in the time of need. Moscow is smart and really does play an important role in making sure that the gang stays focused and sticks to the plan despite nasty surprises surprising it.





Even though Raquel is not actually part of the gang and is actually the chief inspector attempting to decipher the case, her determined, diplomatic and rational personality lead us to the conclusion that she is a perfect Libra. Raquel is witty, tactful and smart; which explains why the Professor falls for her.





Scorpio personality is thoughtful, brave, focused, balanced and has goals, no different than Nairobi. Adore her or despise her, everyone has an opinion on Nairobi, who can at times be kind, compassionate and sympathetic yet she also has a darker  and more extreme side to her character. Nairobi plays a very critical role in the triumph of the heist and is extremely influential.





Eager to learn, optimistic and energetic are all that we think describe Monica Gaztambide. Initially Monica is a simple and kind woman who works as the Financial Director’s Secretary, but as times goes on; the hostage develops feelings for Denver and switches teams. Monica is brave and honest with her feelings just like Sagittarius people.





Capricorn people plan meticulously and do not find trouble in coming up with strategies, that being said, Capricorn people can also be egotistical and self centered which is why we think Arturo is the embodiment of a Capricorn. Arturo, Financial Director and despite being one of the money heists gang’s hostages, he constantly tries to come up with courageous ideas to escape and outwit the robbers.




Alison Parker

The Aquarius personality is clever, sociable and a little stubborn just like Alison Parker. Alison is the ambassador’s daughter and although she seems a little spoilt and haughty at the beginning, she becomes an intriguing, keen and witty character. Alison may be young but she is no less than the most important characters.





Selfless, compassionate and helpful, which is why we think that the supportive Helsinki makes the perfect Pisces. Helsinki may seem to be a giant but he has a heart… A big one. He would do anything to support his friends and cousin Oslo. There is unambiguously so much more to Helsinki than first meets the eye, which is also the case of Pisces.



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