what elite character are you?

Which Elite Character Are You? – Zodiac Signs With Personality Traits


Elite Netflix has recently risen up to the scene as the type of season people cannot help but binge-watch. With its 3 recorded seasons on Netflix, it has become one of the most successful Spanish seasons. People throughout the globe have been captivated by the show’s humongous assembly of eclectic characters and surprisingly deep storyline. This teen drama-thriller concoction has had a profound impact on the tv show industry, setting up new standards of carefully balanced and well-concluded story-writing.

Elite owes its success a great bit of deal to its wild yet crazy talented characters. The elite cast members have given there best shots and performed extremely well consistently throughout the three seasons. With each character possessing equal proportions of good and bad qualities, it is a non-conventional, but an intriguing bit of talent display.

Which Elite Character Are You?

We observed that every character in the thriller is somewhat relatable to us in our lives. We have taken the deep dive into astrology and have cooked some connections. Here is the list of each Elite character in light of zodiac signs – what Elite character are you?

1. Aries


Guzman is one of the most impulsive characters in this series. He is quick and non-thrifty with his decisions at times and has a random vibe to him. He is extremely passionate about what he likes and stands up for what he wants. He acts all tough on the outside but is a soft-core baddie boy on the inside.

what elite character are you?

2. Taurus


Samuel definitely has the protagonist vibe to him. He is diligent and responsible towards life. He is convincingly stubborn and has a strong sense of justice. He is loyal and is always willing to do anything and everything for the ones he finds dear to his heart. He is very enjoyable in the series with his righteous mindset.

what elite character are you?

3. Gemini


Geminis are the carefree birds of the zodiac universe. That reminds us of Valerio, who holds an easy approach towards life. He likes to enjoy whatever comes in his way without worrying much. He is a seeker of love and holds a great attraction towards parties. But he is also the type of person who hides his insecurities behind his funny jokes.

what elite character are you?

4. Cancer


Carla is one heck of a manipulative queen throughout the entire Elite season. She is well aware of what she wants and is very ambitious. She might seem cunning at times, but as the Cancer zodaic suggests, she has a sensitive bit in her somewhere. She appreciates being alone as she sees more opportunities this way to embrace what she likes.

what elite character are you?

5. Leo


Leos are the epitome of extrovert behavior. Complying to it, Lucrecia is not just any other but THE drama queen in this season. She cannot help herself but engage in activities that help her become the centre of attention. She is bold, confident and proud of herself. She shares a deep connection of love with her friends and relatives.

what elite character are you?

6. Virgo


Nadia is one heck of a competition freak. She just loves to challenge herself and others and aspires hard to win. She is a workoholic and cannot sit idle. She is selfless in her actions though, working for the sake of her friends as well. She is resilient and takes the challenges of life gracefully and tackles them with wisdom and hardwork.

what elite character are you?

7. Libra


Cayetana is a controversial soul. She wants to be famous at any cost by hook or by crook. Her display of feelings is extremely superficial and is self-centered most of the times. She has those pretty looks which might get some of her things done. But when it comes to actually giving a damn, she cares only for the scarce few she loves.

what elite character are you?

8. Scorpio


Ander is one sneaky lad and tends to stay secretive of his life affairs. If he were to be defined in a single word, we would name him “Passion” as he has his entire life framed in it. He can be pretty mean and detached at times and that is what makes some people abhor him to the guts. But he has the most important trait of all, loyalty.

what elite character are you?

9. Sagittarius


 Rebeca. Well, she is a savage straight up. Not a pinch of ambiguity in that part. She has this weird admiration and love for shiny things. Materialistic to some extent. She tends to stay extremely chill and calm and does not panic. When she grabs a task, she is determined to complete it through its entirety.

what elite character are you?

10. Capricorn


Treasuries remind us of Capricorns and Nano. He wants all the money in this world and is very curious to achieve worldly gains. He is emotionally unstable often and makes decisions he sometimes regrets. Whatever the case maybe, he still holds his head high and never gets close to accepting his defeat. He does not submit to fate. Care for her loved one is his driving force.

what elite character are you?

11. Aquarius


Belonging to the oceans, aquarius people own high spirits. Omar is one free-spirited lively boy in this season. He cannot afford disloyalty and is determined to stay honest and just in his dealings with people. He is self-reliant and independent. Even though he loves to have fun, he can get bored pretty easily.

what elite character are you?

12. Pisces


Sad boy hours have just begun. Polo is the saddest and most dejected character in the season. He is high-key sensitive and cannot get a hold of his emotions. Sadly, he is the most traumatized character in the show because he always has to play the victim role. He stays quiet because he is confident of the fact that he is a sore loser.

what elite character are you?


So what do you think, what Elite character are you? Let us know!


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