Where to get N95 masks (Order online and Price in Pakistan)


Coronavirus cases are growing rapidly in Pakistan and now the need is to better protect us. The Pakistani government is doing its utmost efforts to get rid of this pandemic as soon as possible.

The death toll in Pakistan reaches 18 with 1,625 total numbers of Coronavirus cases.

The need for the hour is to use protective N95 masks and other personal protectives like soaps, gloves and hand sanitizers, etc.

“An N95 respirator/mask is a respiratory protective device that is made to achieve a very close facial fit and maximum filtration of airborne particles. This respirator blocks at least 95 percent of extremely small test particles making its capabilities exceed those of face masks.”

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When to use?

Pakistan is under lockdown now but still many of the public go outside of their houses for daily supplies of food and other goods of daily use. It is necessary to use masks and gloves while leaving your house for any purpose.

Where to get?

With the panic created by the increasing numbers of Corona patients in Pakistan, people are rushing to their nearest medical stores in search of the specialized N95 masks, sanitizers, and basic disinfecting essentials. But the prices had everyone appalled as they were being sold ten times their original price and most of the time it is out of stock!

Easy-Peasy Solution- No Need to Panic

The best way to buy N95 masks online. Here is the list of some must-visit online sites where you can easily buy masks. However, prices are different on every site but by visiting you will be able to find a suitable price without spending hours on the internet.

  2. Shopping Bag 
  4. iShopping.pk 
  5. PKBAZAAR.PK (Special masks for kids of 4-10 years)
  7. ShoppingDesk.pk 
  8. Master PAINTS 
  10. dealmarkaz.pk 
  11. Alibaba.com    [If you are into some sort of social work, Alibaba is selling 1000 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)]

In order to save your time, here is the list of sites that are out of stock for now.

  1. Dawaai 
  2. MedicalStore
  3. SEHAT
  5. FLASHSALE.pk 
  6. daraz 
  8. Sunbird.pk 
  9. goto 

As a glorious nation, it is our moral duty to help each other in this critical situation. Hopefully, you find this Informative. Either you have other online sites to share. Let us know in the comment section!

Stay Home Stay Safe


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