Whatsapp will stop working on these phones in 2020


Whatsapp has announced that it will no longer support older devices and Windows phones in the next couple of months. As a first step, Whatsapp will stop working forever for Windows Phones after December 31, 2019. From February 1, 2020, any iPhone iOS 8 and Android device running version 2.3.7 or older will no longer be supported.

Whatsapp will only support the devices which are currently running Android 4.0.3 onwards and iPhones running iOS 9 and onwards.  Users of the iPhone cannot create new accounts on iOS 8 nor they can reverify the existing accounts, but the ones who are currently using it can only use it till February 1, 2020.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they will no longer be able to provide app support so they end up suggesting their users switch to Android or iOS devices.

A WhatsApp blog post stated:

This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp.

The support team has further added that they are no longer actively developing for these operating systems so some features might stop functioning at any time.

Recently Whatsapp introduces a new Call waiting feature for iPhone as well as for Android users. Before the upgrading of the Call Waiting feature, users received a WhatsApp call in the middle of another WhatsApp call and the incoming call was automatically disconnected. Users would be able to see the notification later. But now, users can choose to pick up the incoming call while talking with another person.

Whatsapp has a history of cutting down its users for better facilities and safety concerns. By the end of 2016, Whatsapp announced to stop supporting millions of smartphones including BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and Android 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS/iOS 6.



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