Whatsapp is gearing up for a new feature

Whatsapp is gearing up for a new feature to support small businesses


WhatsApp has launched SMB product catalogs to support local trade and commerce. This feature will allow SMBs to upload images, price lists and links for their services or products on Whatsapp.

At the Facebook F8 Developer Conference in April, the company announced a series of new products and features, including the WhatsApp catalogs for small businesses. Facebook is now officially launching it in certain markets, including Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, India, the U.S, and the UK. The feature will be released in other countries soon.

Showcasing services or products:

This feature will allow the SMBs to showcase their services and products to their customers on Whatsapp. They can also share their products and services with their customers through the messaging function of Whatsapp. Customers can also discover the businesses and view and search for products directly in the company profiles.

Whatsapp has made the process as simple as possible. The business owners upload product images and also provide product descriptions, product codes and prices. They can also add URLs and links to their product pages, menus, and more. This is not very clear, but it seems that the businesses will not be able to sell their products directly on WhatsApp at this point. But they can provide links to different pages where products can sell easily or other conversions can take place.

Whatsapp has started to position itself as a complete trading platform for small businesses. Although there are currently no transaction processing features, it is expected that they will also be introduced in the future.

Although Whatsapp is not widely adopted in the United States, it has a wide range of users around the world. There are more than one billion daily users of Whatsapp and more than 1.5 billion users overall. Just like Instagram, Facebook just needs to monetize its Whatsapp platform further to drive continued growth of revenue.




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