What is the Student Solidarity March all about?


Students, activists, and supporters all across Pakistan participated in the “Student Solidarity March” held on Friday, led by the Student Action Committee (SAC), to request the restoration of student unions that have been banned since 1984 and improvement of educational facilities.

The Progressive Students Collective (PSC) tweeted the final locations of the march which was taking place in 50 different cities of Pakistan. According to the tweet, in some cities, the march started in the morning, while in other cities, it was scheduled in the afternoon.


The march started in Karachi in the afternoon before 3 pm when students, their parents, and lawyers gathered at the Regal Chowk, opposite to the electronic market in Saddar and marched towards the Atrium Mall. Their aim was to reach the Karachi Press Club. Prominent members of the civil society including Jibran Nasir and Mohammad Hanif also participated in the march alongside the students. The students were dressed in black and most of them had red dupattas around their necks.

When the march reached the Fatima Jinnah Road the Atrium Mall, the shopkeepers started closing down their shops. The participants then started moving towards the Karachi Press Club and approximately 400 people gathered outside the Press Club and started raising slogans like “Hum kya chaahte? Aazaadi!” and also delivered speeches. While talking to the media Jibran Nasir said, “I have come to support our country’s future. Students are our future. We must realize that our future will never be bright if we keep on lighting monuments of the past. Any real and new leadership that comes forth in the country, will not cross through the corridors of Aabpaara and Pindi. It will come from colleges and universities.”


The participants had several demands like provision of quality and performance-based education in all educational institutions, ending racial, religious and gender-based profiling of students, revoking recent tax increases, restoration of HEC’s budgets, setting up the constitution of legal committees for cases of sexual harassment with the representation of students, and lifting the ban on student unions.

People on Twitter also showed their support towards the march.

Several political leaders also showed their support towards the Student Solidarity March.




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