What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?


2017 was the year in which Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) became an international sensation with its very first episode. The mystery of this show’s success is in the fact that it possesses a great potential to develop some serious suspense with each episode. This Spanish show is an epitome of thorough thinking when it comes to theme, action and story-line. Its success can be determined by the fact that the franchise has about 4 successful editions and is acing for more.

What If Lollywood Made Money Heist?

Nobody can deny the fact that even in a case where there is one solid story-line, if the cast playing its respective characters does not perform upto the mark, the entire project is worth a dumpster. Keeping in mind the critical importance of a talented cast and the brilliant characters in Money Heist, one cannot help but wonder what the scenario would be if Lollywood decided to step into the game?!

This article dives deep into the Pakistani media industry, hand-picking some well-renowned industry tycoons and some legendary artists, just to draw a picture for what if Money Heist was made in Pakistan?

1. The Professor: Fawad Khan

The following comparison might be the best one we have ever had. Fawad Khan shares a great bit of body language resemblance with The Professor in Money Heist. The Professor has all the brains and the man originally playing the character depicts it in its entirety. But Fawad Khan also holds the expertise in performing serious roles, with a deep funereal yet charming voice.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

2. Raquel: Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is one of those Pakistani artists who believes in growth and is looking to challenge herself in her domain. That reminds us of the fact that she has never played a cop before. In addition, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan share a great chemistry on screen. Mahira’s sheer talent can assure us that she would be a pleasure to see on the screen as Raquel, completely acing her character.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

3. Berlin: Zahid Ahmed

Berlin is a multi-dimensional character with bold auroras of anger and strategy-making. And an artist like Zahid Ahmed with his exceptional control on facial features can nail the character. Zahid Ahmed can easily play a commander with multiple prospects to his personality. Keeping in mind Zahid’s prior roles, he would have no problem mixing that violent temper in the game.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

4. Tokyo: Hania Amir

Tokyo is one of the fan favorites in this show. With her bratty and unpredictable behavior, she looks like she does not give a damn. But that is not quite the case. When it comes to holding control and desire for power, literally noone cares more. Her vibes direct us to Hania Amir, not because of the character’s nature but Hania Amir’s bubbly and diverse acting range.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

5. Rio: Asim Azhar

One cannot just not mention Asim Azhar where there is Hania Amir. Not just that, but Asim Azhar does not shy in expressing himself as a carefree boy who does not take life too seriously. That rings a bell for us, Rio! The genius but young boy really knows his stuff and Asim Azhar is a potential neat candidate for his role.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

6. Nairobi: Meesha Shafi

A bold woman with a queerly attractive fashion sense – does it remind you of someone? Nairobi – yes but Meesha Shafi too?! One cannot possibly choose anyone else than Meesha Shafi for Nairobi. Meesha has always projected herself as a representative of empowered and fearless women that makes her a great match for Nairobi’s violently intrepid personality.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

7. Helsinki: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a powerhouse in himself and has played a variety of roles in the entertainment industry. He is extremely talented and can dwell deep into a character’s soul to understand it to a great extent. Also with some proper tweaking, the resemblance in Hamza’s facial features and Helsinki is uncanny. He is well-equipped with his talent to play Helsinki.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

8. Moscow: Asif Raza Mir

Asif Raza Mir has always been a father figure in Pakistani drama serials. What better than giving him the role of Moscow, who is father of the character Denver in the show. Moscow is a really experienced character with excellent pieces of advice. Also, Asif Raza’s years of experience can really embellish and maybe bring out more potential from the character.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

9. Denver: Yasir Hussain

Always looking for an opportunity to crack a joke somewhere in the conversation – our dear Denver. A fan favorite just because of his signature laughing style. He has proved to be one lively bit of addition in Money Heist’s overall serious theme. Fans somehow find his vibes directing to Yasir Hussain – debatable when it comes to performance but one never knows.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

10. Monica: Iqra Aziz

We cannot just keep Denver and Monica apart – or should we say Yasir and Iqra. Monica is a very sentimental and kind-hearted human who realizes the extreme lengths his new lover is willing to go for her. So she leaves everything behind an takes a huge risk while embracing her new lover. Her character somewhat sparks the memories when Iqra was being criticized for marrying Yasir Hussain due to multiple reasons – but now seems really happy in actuality.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

11. Palermo: Imran Ashraf

Palermo is an extremely complicated character and demands an artist best in the game of being versatile. Well, Pakistani entertainment industry is blessed to have Imran Ashraf – the ultimate variation there is. Famously known to us as Bhola, Imran can ace literally any role he is given. Palermo being the head of the latest heist, there is literally noone better than Imran Ashraf for his role.

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?

12. Arturo: Aamir Liaquat (Honorable Mention)

Aamir bhai can do literally anything, why not Arturo?!

What If Money Heist Was Made In Pakistan?


Here’s what could happen if Money Heist was made in Pakistan. Do you think this artist combo would work out in a way that we get something worth-watching? Do let us know.


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