What happened with Ali Rehman at the Restaurant?


Mcdonalds Karachi: Ali Rehman Khan, a rising actor in Pakistani Media Industry, was yesterday recorded in a heated argument with a Mcdonald’s employee. #AliRehmanleakedvideo is the top trend today at twitter and many other social channels are also discussing the incident as Ali’s bad behaviour. Here is the chunk of the video that has gotten out:

While many are bashing the celebrity on “Apko pta hai mai kon hoon?”, no one cares to learn about the other side of the story. We Pakistani’s are generally ill-tempered people and get mad when the food we are paying for is late or stale (which is our right too).

Many of the people bashing the celebrity on being rude to the employee are the ones who do worst to someone who isn’t even at fault. The first half of the video was not clear, but the counter guy at Mcdonald’s clearly seemed to be at the fault. By saying this, we can’t justify Ali’s behaviour, but to bash and curse him on something any Pakistani held waiting in the queue and denied order would do, seems very stupid.  But for anyone, a celebrity or a regular customer the choice of words was clearly wrong.

Here is what many people have to say on the matter:

Others are turning the event into memes

We now await a response from Ali Rehman or others present at the restaurant to let us know what happened before the quarrel started, but till then the right thing to do is not to bash someone who is clearly being denied of food. And for Ali, it’s not cool to try to undermine someone being a celebrity.

In a time where many food bloggers and even students take pride in telling how they bashed a waiter for bringing the wrong food, the moral police seems a little vague. To sum it up, it clearly seems like both Ali and the waiter are at fault and the one recording it is just intriguing into the privacy of a celebrity.


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