7 Most Common Dreams We All Have Had and Their Meanings


Now Reading: 7 Most Common Dreams We All Have Had and Their Meanings 

Dreams — described as imagery created by our brains in our sleep consisting of, at times bizarre, frightening or curious elements while at others, rich and compelling ones — reflections of a dreamer’s mind, have been a point of debate for the longest of time. Some believe that they are just random thoughts while others think they have some deeper meaning.

“Dreams are your subconscious thoughts. They’re a continuation of your thoughts of your day,” a certified dream analyst states. This suggests that what we dream is most likely what we have been thinking throughout the day and serve no real purpose. However, there is no denying that they can be very mysterious, to the point that despite analysts saying otherwise, people haven’t stopped trying to understand the meaning of these dreams, even if to no avail.

What makes trying to understand then so much more interesting is that studies throughout the years have revealed that much of the population shares many common dreams. Moreover, every individual will have around five dream episodes, which can last between 15 and 40 minutes each night. Even though no one truly yet fully understands their purpose, many have made theories explaining them.

Lets take a look at how experts have described the 7 most common dreams that people have!

1. Falling


As per results of various studies, falling is one of the most common themes that people share in dreams. If we break them down, there are two very distinct types of falling dreams. The first type being where you are either falling off the edge of a tall building or something of similar height OR the floor just disappears from beneath your feet. Some interpretations of this type of falling dreams have led to the thinking that these often represent the terror you feel when you are losing control in any aspect of your life while others suggest that this might be your dreaming foreshadowing a fall that you might be headed towards in your life.

Another type of a falling dream is when you are slowly plunging downwards towards something and instead of feeling terrified, you feel a sense of relief. Analysts suggest that people who have dreamt this might have changes or new possibilities coming to their lives that they are going to accept with open arms instead of getting scared of them.

2. Death


Another common theme shared by many people in their dreams is that of death. They might be witnessing their own death, that of a loved one or might see people they know to be dead in these types of dreams. Various different interpretations of these types of dreams exist. Some theories taken in the literal sense of death suggest that these dreams work in reverse i.e. whoever you see dying in them actually live a long life. Moreover, if you see a dead person in them, you are subconsciously missing them.

Metaphorical interpretations suggest that the death of ‘someone’ in such dreams actually represents the death of ‘something’. Be it the end of a relationship or any other aspect of your life, it is important to note that this isn’t necessarily bad and might hint towards new, better beginnings. On the other hand, seeing a dead loved one in a dream might be hinting at you missing a bygone aspect of your life.

3. Flying


Studies have reported that the second most common type of dreams among the populace are those about flying. As per is the trend so far, various interpretations exist for dreams involving flying. Though, he most prevalent one among them suggests that you are feeling at the top of your metaphorical world but if you fly too high, you are setting yourself up for a fall just as bad. So, this might be a hint from your subconscious to fly close to the ground so even if a fall comes your way, you are able to shake it off.

4. Being Chased


Being chased is by far one of the most common things that people have dreamt of, if not THE most common. Symbolically, it represents something trying to catch up to you. This ‘something’ can either be a part of yourself and your personality that you are hell bent on denying. On the other hand, it can also represent some work that you have put off for a while now creeping up on you slowly as its deadline approaches.

The ‘monster’ chasing you can also be an unrecognized trauma, a recent stressful event that you haven’t yet grieved for or something you fear. Despite the nightmarish feel of such dreams, experts suggest that these might be hints from your dreamy mind that you are finally ready to let go and should try to overcome these challenges.

5. Meeting Strangers


Meeting strangers is also something that we have dreamt of at least once in our lives. As bizarre as it sounds, some believe that those who we meet in these dreams might play a role in our life down the road, whether as a friend, a partner or even as our child. Some even believe that it is a reflection of our emotional self. Whether we are happy or sad with said stranger in the dream represents our enthusiasm or sadness to unknown shifts in our life.

On the other hand, some people just outright think it to be false and credit these dreams to the ‘fuzzy trace theory’. As per this theory, our brain comes up with false memories to cover up what actually happened. Keeping this in mind, they believe that what we see in these dreams is just a recalled event with someone we know but our brain makes us think that we saw someone unknown.

6. Missing Something Important

Often has it happened that we have woken up in a panic as we dreamt of being late for an important event but we actually weren’t. Many people believe different things but the simplest explanation is that our stress of holding said event to the level of importance that we don’t want to miss it under any circumstance leads to our dreamy brain reminding us of it in its own way.

7. Lucid Dreams


Lastly, lucid dreams. Probably the MOST common type of dream shared by the entire population. Often known as a ‘dream within a dream’ or ‘double dream’, a lucid dream is such when a person is aware that they are dreaming. In the preliminary phase of such a dream, these leave a person wondering whether he is awake or not and coming to the correct conclusion is 50/50. Sometimes, lucid dreams take it to the next level where you are in a dream within a dream, within another dream.

More so than having a fixed meaning to be understood, lucid dreams may potentially reduce nightmares, relieve anxiety and improve motor skills and creativity as during a lucid dream, the dreamer gains some control over its characters, narrative, and environment. It is, however, a pro tip to never urinate while in a lucid dream or you WILL end up wetting your bed 😆.

Tell us in the comments below how many of these dreams you have personally experienced!


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