Washington protests against Modi’s citizenship law


Citizenship Law protests have spread to India’s global communities, in countries including the United States, Britain, and Canada. The Indian law amends by PM Modi seeks to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants from six minority (non-Muslim) religious groups from three neighboring Islamic countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Recently, such protests in the US cities of Boston and Chicago were recorded. Many Muslims and others include those who claim the government is violating its secular constitution’s religious equality guarantees and not including Muslim immigrants in the amnesty amid a new push to register citizens.

 Indian-American Mike Ghouse addressed the gathering by saying

“We are here for only a single purpose. That purpose is civil rights and religious freedom and nothing more than that”.

He further added that “The NRC that is being applied all over the country is forcing people to show their original government-issued birth certificate in a country where such certificates did not exist until a few decades ago, especially among the poor and illiterate communities who are about half of the country.” 

While recording the protest, a protestor passes the statement to the media that “The current government is destroying the social fabric of India gained in 70 years of our freedom. (PM) Modi and (Union Home Minister) Amit Shah have to take the policy back.”

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom considers this CAB 

“a dangerous turn in the wrong direction”

and If the bill passes the US should consider sanctions against India.

PM Modi is considered a powerful personality and a great politician which India has witnessed in decades but still, people are out there to protest against him. People are getting violent day by day and almost 20 people in India died while protesting against the law that excludes Muslims which causes religious discrimination and threatens India’s secular democracy. The law accelerates Indian citizenship for refugees fleeing persecution in neighboring countries, but only if they’re Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi or Christian.


Indian Americans also stand against this law. More than 200 of them gathered around the Mahatma Gandhi statue in front of the Indian Embassy in Washington for peaceful protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC).

PM Modi’s policy is aimed at illegal immigrants but it seems like it could be used to throw out Muslims. India’s greatest strength is its diversity but in recent year’s attacks against Muslim communities has increased and the current political environment is leading towards a major religion war.



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