Waqar Zaka Calls For Chicken Dinner At DChowk In An Effort To Get PUBG Unbanned


Now Reading: Waqar Zaka Calls For Chicken Dinner At DChowk In An Effort To Get PUBG Unbanned

Ever since the country’s authorities have banned the massively popular video game played by the elderly and the children alike i.e. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the player base of the game has held nothing back in criticizing the decision. Leading the criticism is the VJ-turned-television host-turned-youtuber  — Waqar Zaka — who has now called for a protest at DChowk in an effort to get the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take back its decision.

Waqar Zaka has been at the fore front of the outraged community, raising his voice against the banning of PUBG using the entirety of his platform. From filing a petition in the Sindh High Court to lift the ban on PUBG, be it a temporary ban or a permanent one to rallying people on social media platforms using hashtags and trend to get the point across to the authorities, he has tried it all. Now fed up on the lack of response from said authorities, he is ready to use the people’s constitutional right of protesting to bring attention to this issue.


“Enough is enough, PTA, unban PUBG or I will bring the entire Gaming community for protest as per our constitutional right. Everyone listen up, the time for talking is up. Now how many of you are will to go to DChowk to protest for PUBG? They will not unban it otherwise,” said Zaka to rally the player base.


It looks like the community is ready to rally behind Waqar Zaka in the efforts to get PUBG unbanned in Pakistan. Using the hashtag #ChickenDinnerAtDChowk, the people have demonstrated their support for this protest. People have asserted that PUBG made the careers of many Pakistani gamers and that it was serving as a way to promote E-sports in Pakistan. As noted by Ducky bhai, PUBG had added Pakistani servers to the game before it got banned, showcasing that it was aware of the serious player base the game had in the country.

The game acted as a source of income for many people as well.

“Gaming is not a crime,” said the players.

People also called out the hypocrisy of the “Anti-Islam” argument presented by the lawyers on the PUBG ban case. The gaming community has officially had enough.

Talking about the suicide issue on which the game was banned, Zaka asserted;

“If you want to ban PUBG because of three suicides, then you might as well ban educational institutes – several suicide every day because of the pressure in schools and universities.”


Why Is This SO Important?

As stated by Waqar Zaka, the issue of PUBG’s ban isn’t only limited to the game’s popularity in the country. It is such a huge problem because this decision is going to make a digital revolution in the country impossible. The global gaming market is expected to have a turnover of $300 billion by 2025, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Investment in said industry is extremely important, especially now. PUBG had invested in the Pakistani player base more than any other game did. Its ban is not only going to hurt the already struggling E-sports industry of the country but also prevent any other intellectual properties from investing in the country because of fear of something like this happening. E-commerce services like Amazon and such also don’t provide their official services to Pakistan because of the outdated policies.

Waqar himself explained the need for a digital revolution and called out the people who are preventing this from happening, starting from banning PUBG. He stressed;

“This move has been made by those who want to prevent the youth of Pakistan from excelling in e-sports. These are the same people who don’t want our children to become famous around the world, who don’t want our country to generate revenue online, who want to send out a message to the e-sports providers around the world to prevent them from setting up their business here – reason why YouTube never did. These people will not allow us to evolve, a digital revolution needs to be brought.”

Do you think PUBG should be unbanned or should it stay banned? Tell us in the comments below!


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