Waqar Younis Quits Social Media After Shocking Tweet

Waqar Younis Quits Social Media After Shocking Tweet


Pakistan cricket team’s legendary former skipper and bowling coach Waqar Younis on Friday shared a video message for his followers on his official Twitter. Waqar said his account on twitter was hacked and now he plans to Quit Social Media.

According to the details,Earlier today someone hacked Waqar’s official Twitter account and liked an indecent (p*rn) video on his behalf.

He started the video by telling this unfortunate event:


“Today I have to say with great regret that when I woke up this morning, someone hacked my Twitter account and liked grossly inferior videos from my account,” former skipper Younis said in the video message he posted on twitter.

He also said that this was not the first time, his twitter was hacked before repeatedly.

“It is a matter of great shame, it is a matter of great regret and discomfort. For me and my family too. I used to think that social media or Twitter is a way of interacting with people. But unfortunately, this man ruined everything.” – He added

His fans are sad on this event and they surely gonna miss the Legend. People are tweeting in his support.

Meanwhile there were trolls across the border making fun of him.  It’s not the first time a Celebrity account got hack. Earlier Amitabh Bachchan twitter account was hacked by Turkish hackers and changed its display picture to Pakistan’s Prime minister.  Among Pakistani celebrities, Farhan Saeed’s Facebook Account was also compromised.

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