Vet In Islamabad Allegedly Kills Pet Cat, Owner To Pursue Legal Action


Now Reading: Vet In Islamabad Allegedly Kills Pet Cat, Owner To Pursue Legal Action

A society crumbles when people who are responsible for helping others are the ones who hurt them. Unfortunately, our country seems to be heading there with how cases of such nature keep popping up everyday. In these times where people who can help others by donating their plasma are selling it for unfair amounts to those who desperately need it or in some cases, refusing to give it altogether because of sector differences. Sadly, such malpractices are not limited to the general public alone and extend to professionals too.

In Islamabad, a case of a similar nature has arisen where a vet, instead of helping a sick pet cat, ended up allegedly killing it just to get money out of its owner. On 22nd of last month, Emaan Ghauri shared her story on facebook where she told how a vet center ran by a corrupt doctor killed her perfectly healthy pet cat who she was companions with for 7 years.

Emaan’s Late Pet Cat 

The Corrupt Vet Center Is Called “Pets and Vets”, Run by Dr. Faisal

Fake Reports And Overcharging On Standard Treatments

Miss Emaan began her post by telling how she took her cat to “Pets and Vets”, run by Dr. Faisal for dental scaling on which they said to run a few tests first. They took blood tests but gave out fake reports which showed toxins in her blood. Refusing to give machine reports, the doctor stated; “IV infusions will be given to her for a few days, toxins will get flushed out of her kidneys and she will be fine, though it will be costly”. Red flags were raised but Emaan was desperate to help her cat.

Furthermore, they overcharged her for IV infusions by saying that ‘the medicine is imported’. Miss Emaan shared all the receipts and fake reports in her post, such as this;


The Malpractices Caused Multi-Organ Failure

After days on continuing this practice, a Dr. Wahaj told her that her cat had tested positive for blood parasites, saying that due to the test for them being unofficial, the reports aren’t available. Worried sick, Miss Emaan got the cat injected with what was needed to keep her alive according to the doctors. But, instead of treating her so-called sickness, it began to deteriorate the cat’s condition. She further went on to describe how when they took her cat to the doctor again, they told that multiple of her organs had failed and said to euthanize (put an animal to death humanely) her. This broke Miss Emaan’s heart.

“He blamed Kidney failure, ascities (water being collected in her body due to an overdose of fluids being given) solely on stress of one injection, an issue Mao had never faced in the 7 years we spent together, on STRESS. I paid close to 50k for them to give my healthy cat multiple organ failure”, she said.

The so-called doctors had hurt the cat’s leg

After getting the cat tested from another doctor, it was revealed to her that all the prior reports were fake and the doctors at Pets and Vets had exploited her. When asked about this, they blocked Miss Emaan’s number from their official number. She concluded the post by saying;

I lost my companion of 7 years on 21st May 2020. She meant the world to me.”

At the very end, she wrote that they might be pursuing legal action and asked anyone who might have suffered the same to share their statements with her.

Here’s what she posted;

I am writing this to warn you against the malpractices being carried out by Pets and Vets run by Dr. Faisal. Two weeks…

Posted by Emaan Ghauri on Friday, May 22, 2020


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  1. Assalamoalaikum
    First of all sorry to hear about your loss.
    Inna lillahi waa inna ilaihi raajioon
    We had a bad experience of having a dog killed and then another one similar kind of experience witH another dog but this time we were smart and took the dog out of their clinic timely and Alhumdulillah took him to another vet and he got saved timely.

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