Uzma Khan Video Scandal - All Facts Revealed [Video and Details]

Uzma Khan Video Scandal – All Facts Revealed [Video and Details]


The name Uzma Khan has been trending on Twitter and other social media for an entire day. The reason is that Uzma Khan, a famous actress and her sister Huma Khan were attacked in their private property and tortured by Malik Riaz’s daughters Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik. The reason of such a wild and heinous act was the fact that Malik Riaz’s son-in-law Usman was found to be in an extramarital affair with the actress.

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The Original Full Length Gruesome Videos

The videos of this incident went viral soon after they somehow made it to social media. Malik Riaz’s daughters and 12 gunmen crossed all limits and literally invaded the two sisters in their home and imposed an inhumane attack. This resulted in Huma Khan being injured and the picture of her injured feet went viral. However, the videos were soon taken down by unknown sources with only minimal evidence left of all the wilderness.

However, the original videos have once again surfaced on the internet, and they are quite disturbing to watch. Here is the first original video.

The ridiculous woman went to the extreme of throwing kerosene oil and almost burning the two sisters alive. She kept abusing, shouting and disgracing both Uzma and Huma Khan. What Uzma did is truly reprehensible, but nothing can justify such an absurdly violent reaction.

Another video that has recently come to the scene is down below. In the video, it can be clearly seen that Huma Khan’s foot is bleeding heavily and is painting the entire floor. Still, the ill-cultured woman does not stop violating and harassing them.

Proceedings After The Incident

Uzma Khan and her sister have decided to go face to face with one of the most powerful families in all of Pakistan, with the help of law. Uzma Khan shared an official statement and some of her police reports that she filed against the culprit party.

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Uzma Khan says that she is an orphan and she does not have parents or any other family to lose. This way she is not afraid to put everything on the line and hopes to get justice and punish the ones who went to animalistic extent in order to impose the power of their wealth and status.

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