Usman Malik’s Wife Says Whatever She Did Was Right


JUSTIN : After the whole day news about Uzma Khan and Amber Malik/ Pashmina Malik , now the wife of Usman Malik came out and she says that she was the women associated with that viral video surfaced.

She came out and posted her side of the story on twitter,  Amna Usman said she and Usman Malik are not related to Malik Riaz in anyway. Amna Usman said that she warned Uzma many times to stay away from her husband. However she never listened.

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She said it not Uzma’s house but infact her husband’s second house. She also mentioned that there was no threat related to throwing Kerosene but it was Alcohol which was already there.

The video shows that Amna Usman looked very proud on what she did and she has justification for her actions. She said if this was not done, Uzma would have ruined many more lives.

We personally think beating women, harassing them, threatening to burn them, backed by private security guards. This gangster mafia behavior should not be justified because your husband was having an affair? No one is above the law.

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