US Has Donated 100 Ventilators To Pakistan In Admiration

US Has Donated 100 Ventilators To Pakistan In Admiration


News Today: US Has Donated 100 Ventilators To Pakistan In Admiration

Pakistan has been struggling to contain the novel pandemic as its spread continues like wildfire. However, a great improvement is being recorded in lowering of death rate of the COVID-19 patients and people are getting back to full health very quickly. This comes as a great sigh of relief after a tough couple of months of big statistics. In recent development, US has donated 100 ventilators to Pakistan in admiration for its effort to battle the coronavirus pandemic on national as well as international scale. Pakistan helped US during the onset of a huge spike there with medical equipment and masks. US has now acknowledged Pakistan’s help and its efforts through USAID with 100 ventilators.

Shortage Of Ventilators

This aid will prove to be extremely beneficial for Pakistan at this point in time because of the fact that Pakistan is currently facing a shortage of ventilators. Although the recovery rate of patients using the ventilators is increasing day by day, the incessant flux of new patients daily is making it difficult for the hospitals to accommodate new patients. US with its $3 million worth of ventilators will surely help in easing out some load on hospitals. These ventilators will be distributed all over Pakistan strategically so that the areas in most need get better help.

US Has Donated 100 Ventilators To Pakistan In Admiration

NDMA received all 100 ventilators and said that the ventilators sent by the US are extremely compact, efficient and easy to deploy and they will be taken to areas which need it the most as soon as humanly possible.

Pandemic Situation In Pakistan

Pakistan has crossed the 230,000 mark with infected patients. About a 100,000 of them are active as we speak, and Pakistan still has a long way to go in order to completely win the war. Our doctors are working 48 hours work shifts and literally collapsing because of lack of energy and sometimes dehydration. Still, the doctors refuse to back down from the front-lines. With such determination, Pakistan will surely come out on the top, more easily if people act responsibly.

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