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US Election 2020: Latest updates


US Election 2020 Results LIVE Updates: Joe Biden is potentially just one state away from being able to claim victory in the US election, with counting in Georgia and Nevada continuing into the early hours.


Donald Trump and Joe Biden still had paths to winning the White House by hitting the majority threshold of 270 of the electoral votes awarded to whichever candidate wins the popular vote in a given state.

Michigan and Wisconsin brings Biden close to win

The knife-edge US presidential race tilted toward Democrat Joe Biden’s early hours of the day. By winning in Michigan and Wisconsin bringing him close to a majority.

President Donald Trump claimed he was being cheated and went to court to try and stop vote counting.

Tallying of votes continued through a second night in the remaining battleground states. Because huge turnout and a mountain of mail-in ballots sent by voters trying to avoid exposure to the coronavirus made the job all the harder.

Despite all the fuss from Trump, fortunately, the momentum moved to Joe Biden. He made a televised speech from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware to say that

“When the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners.”

By flipping the northern battlegrounds of Michigan and Wisconsin, and also winning formerly pro-Trump Arizona. Biden reached 264 electoral votes against 214 so far for Trump.

US Election 2020: Latest updates

To reach 270 he was hoping next to add the six electoral votes from Nevada, where he had a small and shrinking lead, or, even better, the larger prizes of hard-fought Georgia or Pennsylvania.

More than 100 million Americans cast their ballots in advance of Tuesday’s Election Day. According to the US Elections Project watchdog, a record figure largely attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic reported news agency AFP.

Libertarian Party and Green Parry ranked 3rd and 4th respectively. However, Biden is on lead.

US Election 2020: Latest updates

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