University students demand HEC to end online classes


Students gathered around HEC head office to protest against online classes as they perceive the online education system to be unconducive to learning. Students demand that they can’t possibly acquire any skills due to the unstructured format of the class and network issues.

Students demand that their semester fees should be returned and they should be given a break until the pandemic is over.

The union of students is getting stronger as they take their demands to twitter explaining their plight to HEC.

Online classes were sought as a way not to hinder studies for university students as the pandemic became a threat to students lives. It was assured that the online system will replicate the physical classroom, however, the model did poorly for many due to various reasons.

Students from rural areas are the ones to suffer the most with a severe network problem and internet connectivity issues.

Many complain that teachers run youtube lessons during online classes that are they aren’t actually taught but forced to listen. Further, many students claim that practical learning is imperative for certain subjects and getting dictated on Zoom won’t exactly help them learn.

Students have been protesting for semester promotion since the HEC cancelled the board examinations and promoted all students to the next grades. University students claim that learning through online classes doesn’t hold any value to them and if they can’t get promoted the semester should be delayed.

Around the country, students are now rigorously protesting and demanding HEC to understand their concerns and order universities to return semester fees. Parents are also worried that their children will not be able to gain any practical skills via this flawed system of education.

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  1. Online classes are not effective, it’s almost impossible to understand and learn anything new, universities are just focusing on gathering fee and teachers teach on zoom or Google meet which is absolutely nonsense

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