Unity of Muslim Ummah; Abu Dhabi Crown Prince To Visit Pakistan Today


Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed Forces Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed will visit Pakistan on Thursday for a very brief one-day trip, according to the statement by UAE Ambassador.

The announcement comes after the crown prince met General Qamar Javed Bajwa on December 14. The two had discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries.


Mohamed bin Zayed and PM Imran will hold official talks in Islamabad on enhancing cooperation and friendship and discuss regional and international issues of mutual interest to strengthen bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries, said the statement issued on official twitter handle of UAE crown prince. This meeting between the two leaders would send a message of unity and fraternity between Muslim countries throughout the globe.


This is also the second visit by an Arab leader in just two weeks. Last month, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud had visited Pakistan for a day long trip.

The Saudi official had dropped by after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated last month that Riyadh had posed economic threats to Pakistan as to pressurize it into withdrawing from a gathering of leaders of Islamic nations in Malaysia.

However, Pakistan denied allegations of Saudi’s pressure for non-participation in Kuala Lumpur Summit.

Prior to the upcoming UAE Crown Prince’s visit to Pakistan, the UAE crown prince had last visited Pakistan on January 6 in 2019, just weeks after his country offered a gracious $3 billion to support Pakistan’s battered economy.


Earlier, Saudi’s foreign minister Faisal Bin Farhan Al-Saud visited Pakistan last week and took Pakistani leadership into confidence while Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) has also been made functional by the Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan hopes to further nourish its cordial ties with UAE in future in order to establish a solid and ever-growing economy as it currently tries to find its way among the economic giants.

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