This Extremely Unethical Job Gig Shows how Businesses Exploit Women


Reading Now: This Extremely Unethical Job Gig Shows how Businesses Exploit Women

Due to the increased tensions over rape cases in the past month or two, specifically the motorway incident , there has been a country-wide outrage on how women in our society are treated. Adding fuel to the fire, this picture recently started getting noticed, and more and more people are finding ways to highlight how wrong this job description is, and how advertisements like these reflect the mindset of our society in general.

This Extremely Unethical Job Gig Shows Businesses Exploit Women

And to everyone’s surprise, well-reputed hiring agencies such as Mustakbil and Indeed are actually promoting this, and have titled this as a ‘JOB’. This goes on to show how severely we lack business ethics and have reached new lows. This ignites gender discrimination at all levels and promotes harassment of women at both workplaces and in the public. Furthermore, it’s no secret that online and social media platforms are the leading causes of the promotion of rape culture, and these advertisements certainly add to this. This extremely unethical job gig shows businesses exploit women. job post kwality group - Pineapple Pakistan

We need to look at the operations of this company named ‘Kwality Group’ and legally take an action on the job requirements.

How Do We Stop This?

This is something, that will only change when we as a community decide to bring about the change. But of course, social media protests and outrages won’t be of any good until the concerned authorities aren’t aware of these issues, as in this case, the FIA ( federal investigation agency) should definitely be taking actions, and tracking down the everyone involved in promoting and creating such content online. Moreover, online platforms like Indeed and Mustakbil should place immediate restrictions on such content and must have a responsible controlling body that checks on frequently for such advertisements and takes immediate action before such content reaches the larger public.

Why Is It Important To Stop This?

At this point in time in Pakistan, where emotions are high in terms of rape culture being promoted, such obscene and filthy online advertisements, which degrades women should be immediately stopped, as this causes a long term sense of insecurity for the women in the society and leads to women being restricted.  As in any country, the women of Pakistan are an integral part as they contribute a lot in different sectors across the country which play a huge role in boosting the country’s economy. Such restrictions would not only affect the women and society but at a larger scale, will cause us as a nation to go downhill.

Having a job gig like this not only disgraces the company, the hiring agencies, the women seeking decent job opportunities, but also the job role of executive secretaries elsewhere. We would like you all to spread the word and share this enough to get the issue addressed as unfortunately the only way to get justice now a day is through social media virals.


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