UK Government allows 2 year visa to Pakistani students

UK to grant Pakistani students 2 years work visa post graduation


As part of the new visa policy proposal for international students, Pakistani students can stay in the UK for two years after graduation. The UK government has changed its policy regarding the students/Firstly, the students had to find a job within the 4 months of their graduation.but now the government has loosen the policy. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes that the new policy will allow students to pursue careers in the UK .The current international student visa policy was developed by Theresa May as the Minister of the Interior in 2012. The goal of the Ministry of Education is to increase the number of international students from 460,000 to 600,000 in the next 10 years. There is no limit to the number of international students studying in the UK.

From now on wads UK will have no limits on the international students.The Government of UK say that this step will he;p the students to improve and explore their talents.The new policy will take effect next year, which will be good news for students from all over the world, who will now have more opportunities to come to the UK. Moreover the British Prime Minister says that they will do their utmost efforts to make their educational institutions best ones.

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