Uber Driver of Pakistani-Origin Killed During Carjacking in US [Video]


Now Reading: Uber Driver of Pakistani-Origin Killed During Carjacking in US

Mohammed Anwar, a 66-year-old Pakistani American, was killed after two teenage girls attacked him with a Taser while attempting to steal his vehicle, according to police. A felony, murder, and armed carjacking charge has been brought against a 13-year-old from Southeast Washington and a 15-year-old from Fort Washington, Maryland.

Anwar, an UberEats driver from Springfield, Virginia, was buried two days after the crime in a Muslim cemetery. He is survived by his wife, three children, and four grandchildren. Since the accused were under the legal age of adulthood, police did not disclose their names, but said they had confessed their involvement in the carjacking.

“This senseless crime has destroyed the family. Mohammad Anwar was a beloved father, grandfather, husband, brother, and uncle in both the United States and Pakistan, where he was born,” Anwar’s family told in a statement.

Unsettling video of the incident shows the late driver, Anwar, attempting to retrieve his Honda accord while being pulled alongside and crushed against a fence. Anwar’s Honda Accord was on its side, the girls crawling out, and a fatally wounded Anwar sprawled and motionless on the sidewalk in a minute and a half, according to a video posted on Saturday.

Anwar was a hardworking immigrant who came to the United States in 2014 and worked diligently to create a better life for himself and his family, according to members of the Pakistani community in the Washington area.

“Every day, he chose happiness, and it was contagious. His death has left an incalculable loss, and he is deeply missed by his family and friends,” added the family. Anwar’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help them cope with the loss of income. The page raised more than $36,000 for Anwar’s family in less than six hours.

The two teen suspects appeared in court on Wednesday in Washington, where the prosecutor showed witness footage of the suspected carjacking. According to prosecutors, Anwar came across the girls in Southeast Washington as they were attempting to rob his Honda Accord. Anwar became wedged between a car door and the driver’s seat, according to witnesses, as the two teenagers inside the vehicle put the gear into drive.

The car was speeding down Van Street South East when it collided with a lamppost, causing the door to swing back and hit Anwar. Later, he died in a nearby hospital. Carjackers often target Uber drivers in this area, known as the Navy Yard, according to police. Since January, 23 teenagers from this area have been arrested for attempting to steal cars from Uber drivers.


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