U-turn? Shaan Now Says ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ Is A ‘Classic Masterpiece’


Now Reading: U-turn? Shaan Now Says ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ Is A ‘Classic Masterpiece’

The vastly popular Pakistani actor – Shaan Shahid – recently praised the series ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ and called it a ‘classic masterpiece’. In a social media post, the 49-year-old lollywood actor gave special thanks to the producers, directors, cast and even the technicians behind the series after completing it. He paid his gratitude to everyone who ‘worked tirelessly to make this epic’.

This tweet came as a surprise to many (and as a relief to some too). The reason for this being a shocker is that the Pakistani actor had seemingly criticized the show many times in the past. For context, when the show first started airing, Faisal Javed Khan tweeted about it and gave the youtube link to watch Ertugrul in Urdu. Mr. Shaan replied to this and said; “Try to find our own history and its heroes”.

Giving further criticism, the actor went on to vent about the fact that PTV is charging the nation 7 billion a year to provide them a product that’s already available on Netflix.


U-Turn Or Solidifying Of A Prior Stance?

People have started trolling and calling out Shaan for what seems like a ‘U-turn’. One guy also wrote that Mr. Shaan should remember what he said earlier.

Another twitter user called his “new” opinion a ‘software update’ on his part.

All the trolling and joking aside though, did the Pakistani actor really contradict himself or did he actually solidify his prior stance? Let’s have a look at what his criticism had been actually directed at in the past.

Clarifying his stance to a twitter user earlier, the actor had said that his objection was not against the drama or Turk, it was against PTV. He further mentioned that PTV takes 7 billion a year from the nation and makes nothing original.

Responding to another Pakistani, Mr. Shaan Shahid wrote;

“You are a fellow Pakistani so I will tell you once again. My objection is not against the drama but against PTV showing it. The reason being that they charge us 7 billion a year and make nothing. Please, you show anything Pakistani being run on Turkish state TV (if you can).”

With several of the actors’ tweet, it could be seen that the actor was actually against PTV and the government supporting imported content instead of focusing on making better local content.

Practically solidifying his stance on the situation, the actor responded to a comment asking if its a U-Turn by saying that he watched it on Netflix. Essentially, the actor’s beef was against PTV endorsing foreign content instead of spending that money on making it domestically.

What do you think about this story? Do you still think that the actor changed his opinion of the series after facing backlash and took a U-turn or does his argument still stand even after him calling the show a “Classic Masterpiece”? Tell us in the comments below!


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