U-Turn: Hareem Shah Seeks Forgiveness And Paints Herself as a Pious Muslim


U-Turn: Hareem Shah Seeks Forgiveness And Paints Herself as a Pious Muslim after all her controversy.

Hereem Shah’s Interview and Repentance

Hareem Shah — social media star and famous “Selfie Queen”  —  revealed in an interview with daily Pakistan that she has repented for her actions. She told the interviewer that;

“No one is perfect. There is always a good and bad side to someone’s personality. I have been trying to change that bad side of mine and I will succeed with it soon.”

Hareem Shah gave the interview wearing a white shalwar kameez suit along with a dupatta on her head.

Hareem Shah
                                                     Hareem Shah’s dressing in the interview

It is clear how totally opposite it is to how she used to dress in the past.

Hareem Shah
                                                                  Hareem Shah’s Old Look

Upon being asked how she feels now that she is moving on from her past and adopting a new life style, she said that she is at peace now. She added that she also talked to her father, asking for his apology when she arrived to Pakistan. Talking about how it went, she said;

“He is my father after all and he has forgiven me.”

The interviewer’s sarcasm could be detected easily throughout the interview. He was the most sarcastic when he asked her about her religious education. Afterwards, he tried to remark that not many girls from religious backgrounds end up making videos on TikTok. Hareem Shah defended herself that she doesn’t think she did anything wrong or harmed anyone by making videos on TikTok.

Hareem Shah also emphasized that all the scandals of her blackmailing people are false and that she hasn’t had any involvement with them. When the interviewer asked her about Sandal Khattak, Hareem said that she is still kind of friends with her, albeit their friendship was never deep.

Hereem Shah’s Scandals

Hareem Shah has been involved in numerous scandals in the past, leaks or otherwise.

PM house controversy

Hareem Shah’s was always a controversial figure. Though, her major controversial social media notoriety began when she made a tik-tok video inside Prime Minister house. The video left people wondering how the notorious tik-tok star even made it inside the PM house.

Leaked pictures and videos

The social media star has been involved in multiple indecent scandals in the past few months. Whether it be the controversies involving Mufti Qavi and Record Bhola leaks or the one with Sheikh Rasheed, she has been a major social media controversial figure during recent times.

PTA ban

After she released her own song i.e. “Nakhray Baz” alongside Sandal Khattak and rapper Aash Chughtai, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) even requested the Tik Tok authorities to defuse the inappropriate videos of Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak.

(Read about it here: PTA bans Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak from Tik Tok?)

Father’s apology

All this also drove her father to apologize on her behalf. He was seen in tears, saying;

“I sent her to the standard religious institute where she completed her education with good marks and became Aalma… I did everything I could do as a father, but she disappointed me.”

(Watch the full video here: WATCH: Hareem Shah’s father apologises for her controversial photos and videos)

U-turn for the better or just a publicity stunt?

It is yet unknown whether she will continue making tik-tok videos or stop for good. It is also unclear whether her “Repentance”  is from the bottom of her heart or just a publicity stunt to divert the controversy from her. Only the test of time will give the answers to all these questions.

Watch the full interview yourself here:

"اب کسی کے ساتھ ویڈیو نہیں بناؤں گی" ٹک ٹاک سٹار حریم شاہ سے توبہ کس نےکروائی؟ صندل خٹک سے بھی تعلق ختم…

"اب کسی کے ساتھ ویڈیو نہیں بناؤں گی"ٹک ٹاک سٹار حریم شاہ سے توبہ کس نےکروائی؟ صندل خٹک سے بھی تعلق ختم…

Posted by Daily Pakistan on Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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