Two Policemen Escorting a Polio team in KPK shot dead by TTP


TIMERGARA: Two cops escorting the polio vaccination team were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Lower-division at Markhanai Bridge within the jurisdiction of Lal Qila police station. The spokesperson for Tehreek Taliban Pakistan has claimed responsibility for the attack. The polio campaign has been suspended in the area since then.

Sources have affirmed that both were killed by pistols and no one knows how many armed men were there.” but the eyewitnesses claim there were two armed men on a bike who killed the cops while they were walking.

Only cops were targeted on their way to join the polio team for security. Both the cops Farmanullah and Mukkaram Khan embraced martyrdom on the spot. – DPO 

The case has been registered in Lal Qila police station. Police started an investigation but no one arrested yet. This incident spread fear all over the area. The security of polio teams working in Bajaur increased.

The funeral prayer was offered at the Timergara police line. Also, many military officers were there for prayer. The Lower Dir police stated that “the department had set a target to vaccinate more than 307,230 children during the drive.”

IG of KP Mohammad Naeem Khan appreciated the bravery of the cops claiming terrorism has cost the brave men their lives. “The two had embraced martyrdom for the defense of the nation and declared them real heroes of the nation”, he added.

On December 16, the Latest Immunisation campaign is launched across the country to provide Polio vaccine and other routine immunizations to more than 39 million children. The staff of 260,000 was hired for this door to door campaign to reach over 207 million people.

Pakistan is one of only three countries in the world where the disease remains endemic others being Nigeria and Afghanistan. Since 2012, 98 polio workers and cops embrace martyred due to terrorist attacks. The number of cops rose to seven this year.

Pakistan is trying to eliminate this contagious disease but still facing lots of problems in the way to a healthy society. A ground level awareness campaign is needed to fight the mindset of common people who disagree with the vaccinating their children and for the terrorists hyping the fear should be immediately identified and put behind bars.

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