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Two Pakistani Engineers Developed Brain Controlled Prosthetic


Pakistan News Update: Two engineers from Pakistan have recently succeeded in making a prosthetic arm for the physically challenged people. It all started when they were working on robotics during their university as a semester project three years back. This will not only help disabled people to continue doing their everyday tasks without help but will also be a cheaper solution to what already is being sold in market.

“Bionics was aimed at making a name for ourselves in the world of bio-robotics. Now we are working on bionic-based lower limbs and exoskeletons”, Awais told.

This exactly is what Pakistan need that Mohammad Awais and Anas Nazir  have achieved together. Talking to the media team , Anas explained how the brain transfer signals and current to the human body and how placed sensors on those positions where the brain commands your fingers to move.
Awais told that now there are working on bionic based lower lips, which will help improve speaking therapy for the disabled people. Right now this project has helped 30+ people. They developed this prosthetic arm with the cost of $2000 that is approximated to be 313,500 PKR. Not a bad deal at all!

Here’s the interview in which  Anas and Awais talk on this project:

Although the tech is quite old but this achievement from fellow Pakistani brothers mean affordable prosthetic for Pakistani people. Every year 100’s of Pakistani travel abroad to have this treatment but for most, travelling cost, visa limitations and agent fees make it fairly harder to get a better life.

Pakistan has immense talent when it comes to engineering, music, science and technology. The project not only will have a huge scope and open up new ventures in the field of robotics, but is going to have a great social impact. Brain controlled prosthetic in  Pakistan will no doubt be the beginning of a new era where differently-abled people will get a good chance of living.

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