Twitter sends Legal Notices to Pakistan's top level government officials over speaking on Kashmir Issue

Twitter sends Legal Notices to Pakistan’s top level government officials over speaking on Kashmir Issue


Twitter is one of the most used official social platform for most of the news spread on the social media by any government institution.For a passage of time, since when the Kashmir Issue has been the top trend on all websites and people started raising their voices against the Indian Government, the social platform is accused of suppressing the issue by blocking Pakistani accounts. Many who support Pakistan have got their tweets deleted over time but as the issue escalated, the twitter legal team has gone more active over sending legal notices.

These twitter legal notice are not only confined to common people, but are received by some top tier journalists and politicians of Pakistan.

Twitter sends legal notice to Pakistani President

It all started hen the Indian Govt. revoked article 370 and snatched the identity of Kashmiris from them everyone from this side of the border has been tweeting for the conservation of the human rights of the Kashmiris.

Initially, the social platform blocked the account of Pakistan’s Soviet-Afghan Zaid Hamid who tweeted in the favour of Kashmir calling Indian atrocities unjust and inhumane. Although the more the issue get suppressed, the bigger becomes the movement. Now when India has failed in putting down the voice of Kashmiris they have sent notices to The President Of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi, Communication Minister, Murad Saeed and some other politicians as well.

The Minister For Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari also articulated that this voice of Kashmiris can never be put down and she said twitter “The Mouthpiece of India.

Shireen Mazari calls Twitter the mouthpiece of India

Moreover, the Minister For Communication Murad Saeed also received a notice that he has posted the content that has violated the laws of India but he remained adamant and said that he couldnot be silenced.

Murad Saeed tweets in favor of Kashmiris

After the President and Communication Minister, twitter also sent a notice to the Ex-Interior Minister, Rehman Malik, for posts against the aggression in the valley.



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