Turks supporting Pakistan in this Twitter poll is the BEST thing you will see today!


Don’t you love it when people from other parts of the world support you? Well, those were the feelings of every Pakistani when our Turk brothers came to our support for a social media research.

A social media research account called “San Bass Media” recently made a series of polls for the ‘King of Twitter’ title. The participants to vote were countries and the format was set to be a tournament style bracket.

Pak-Turk Friendship Demonstrated On Social Media

Polls continued taking place until it was time for Pakistan’s turn to partake. The country that was up against Pakistan was Canada. With over 30,000 votes cast, the poll went viral over twitter due to the support demonstrated by our Turk brothers. The post was flooded by Turkish people voting for Pakistan and showing just how strong the bond of friendship between the two countries is.

A Turk brother stated his feelings of love and support in a comment on said poll. He shared his thoughts in Turkish which roughly translates to; “My dear Turkish brothers should vote for Pakistan, we will show the true friendship and support that we have with this country.”

Pakistan to the fullest, always” said another Turk brother, showing his support for the country.

Other Turk guys also asked the people to vote for Pakistan. In this same manner, all the Turkish brothers made sure to send their message of love and support to the maximum.

The Turkish journalist and an ardent supporter of Pak Turk friendship – Ali Keskin – also demonstrated his support for Pakistan in the poll.

The poll is still ongoing with over 32k votes cast till now. Though, it is clear that Pakistan is gonna end up winning this particular bracket by a mile as right now, it is ahead by a whopping 86% majority! No doubt, this is credited to our Turk brothers.

Reciprocation Of Feelings by Pakistanis

Earlier, in the same series of polls, the competition was between Turkey and Germany. Pakistanis showed that they reciprocate the feelings of mutual love and support demonstrated by the Turkish brothers.

Dr. Farhan Virk requested all his followers to vote for Turkey in the post to show their support.

Similarly, another Pakistani showed his support for Turkey in the poll which was met with appreciation by the Turk brothers. A Turkish brother replied to the tweet and said that there are people in Turkey itself who love the country (Turkey) less than you (Pakistanis). This implied that the mutual love between the people of both countries is unparalleled.

As was the case with the Pakistan poll, Turkey pulled ahead in the poll with the help of Pakistani people. The poll ended with more than 29 thousand votes cast and Turkey in the lead with about 90% of the votes!

Both the countries have showed several examples of mutual friendship through their governments. But in this world full of hate, it is refreshing to see that this bond isn’t just on the surface and is reciprocated by the people as well ❤


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