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Truck Driver’s Son Dedicates Emotional Tribute To Father On His Graduation Day


It is no news that parents always go above and beyond for the sake of their children. They work themselves to the absolute brim for the prosperity of their children, to give them the best they possibly can. Everyone seems to look at it as the parents’ responsibility, especially in the modern age. Thankfully, there are still some good souls who acknowledge their parents’ struggles and show them that they are grateful.

One of these great souls is Zafar Ali – a fresh graduate from the Lewis & Clark College, US, The new graduate took to facebook to dedicate a tribute to his father. In a post that genuinely felt like it came from the heart, Zafar shared about the obstacles his hardworking father, who is a truck driver by profession, had to go through to provide him his education and raise him to grow up into the man that he is today.

Here’s What He Penned Down

Zafar Ali Shinwari started his post by saying; “This is a tribute”. He could not celebrate his graduation day without paying a tribute to his father whose struggles got him there.

                                Zafar Ali On His Graduation Day

Zafar Ali wrote;

“Dad, I just graduated from college. It has been one crazy journey! You know Dad, my graduation today took me back to the day you first walked me to Cambridge Public School some 19 years ago. We could have never imagined back then that we could be here. I remember the time when I wanted a computer, and you gave me a month’s salary to buy it; or the time when I refused to move away from the cart until you bought me a tape recorder, and you did. And those times when you took me across Pakistan in your truck. Dad, often I wonder, if you had the world, you would have made me its King.”

Further Callback To His Father’s Sacrifices

He further went on and reminisced about how he made expensive requests to his father but despite his financial condition, his father still took it upon himself to fulfill his requests.  Addressing his father and praising his self-sacrifice and hard work, he wrote;

“You have worked so hard all your life, some three and half decades of intense labor. Yet there were times when things were really difficult. Remember the time in Karachi Dad, when I was in 10th grade? Oh that was crunchy! On a different occasion you visited me in Karachi and you had some 500 rupees. You gave me 480. When I asked what you were gonna do, you said the 20 was enough to take you to your truck, and from there you will figure it out. I also remember so many instances when people were harsh to you and you were patient. I could go on and on.”

Zafar’s Father – A Truck Driver By Profession

Remembrance Of His Father’s Invaluable Lessons And His Mother’s Contributions

On this landmark of his life, Zafar also made sure to remember the invaluable lessons his fathers taught him. He wrote that not only did his father was the main source of inspiration for him, but he also stood by him and supported him every step of the way, even when no one else did. He then added;

“Dad, you always taught us a lesson of hard work and good will. I remember when you prayed for me that my life be like a candle.”

Afterwards, he remembered his mother’s role in his success. He thanked his mother for teaching him things that he could not learn in even the farthest corners of the world and for always being there for him. He stated;

“And Mom, oh how does one even begin to describe her. A woman who never dealt in the real world often tells me things that I never heard in far corners of the world. She is so insightful, so caring, and just so so amazing.”

Talking about the importance of the pictures in the post, he said that they show where he came from and what he is fighting for. He revealed that his photo (left) is from his graduation day while his father’s picture (right) is from the day he left for the US. This represented how much his father sacrificed for him to get him to where he was today.

Looking optimistically towards the future, Zafar concluded his tribute by saying;

“Dad, I recognize the privileges I enjoy, my current moment, and the challenges I must inevitably face. I know there will be many who mock us, many who will think us naive, many who may ridicule our script, spirit and speech. But resistance Dad, resistance is inevitable. They don’t call it hard work for nothing — it’s hard work. But I pray we rise; I pray we find time and energy here to walk the miles. Maybe ultimately all this will be for naught, but maybe, maybe just maybe we succeed, and those odds is all that matters. We shall wage our fights along with a nation, and together, we shall find redemption and peace.”
You can see the entire post here:

This is a tribute.Dad, I just graduated from college. It has been one crazy journey! The past four years were the best…

Posted by Zafar Ali on Sunday, May 10, 2020

It is great to see that even in this modern day and age, where children respecting their parents is hard to find, let alone writing tributes to them, there are still souls like Zafar who remember where they came from and appreciate the sacrifices made by their parents. Its enough to make a grown man cry!

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