Tribal people try American Burgers for the very first time (And its adorably hilarious!)


Earlier today, I was browsing through random internet videos and stumbled upon something adorably hilarious! This video involved a very simple idea in its making i.e. gather up several different tribal people and make them try different American Burgers. I was pleasantly surprised watching the video as it managed to lift up my spirits amidst all the coronavirus stuff going on.

What even is a burger?

This gem of the video began with the tribal participants hilariously wondering what a burger is!

Albeit some of the contestants had heard and even tried a local burger, none of them had ever eaten an American burger.

Looks like the “Kentucky burger” didn’t impress them 🤣

Seems like the kentucky burger didn’t leave a good first impression of some of the contestants!

This participant even wondered how he was supposed to eat the burger 😆

He sure told them lol. He is absolutely right too. Burgers SHOULD be cut in half before serving so a mess is not made eating them!

The Big Mac looks like a plant! 😶

A participant adorably declared that the burgers look like plants from his town 🙃

The Final Reviews were a mixed bag!

One of the participants disliked the burgers so much that he immediately said sorry and gave the cutest expressions while telling how he felt. He also said that he would not eat the burger even if he dies! 😂

One of them even compared it to eating hay!

The positive and negative reviews were both hilariously adorable! 🥰

One of the tribal folks adorably said that people are lucky that they get to eat these burgers…..

One other contestant was left with lack of words and simply described the food as “good”.

One of the guys was confident that these burgers would be a hit in his town!

The ones who didn’t like it let their feelings be known!

This participant, however, knew that it was about perspective. He also added that people who haven’t eaten tribal food will find these burgers good.

The whole video was hilariously adorable! You can also check it out for yourself here:

This video definitely lifted up my spirits amidst all this chaos. I loved the cross culture in this and also how the old grandpa was throwing shade on every burger. What an absolute legend!


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