Trans Activists Blames Pakistani Society For The Suffering Of Her Community

Trans Activist Blames Pakistani Society For The Suffering Of Her Community


A famous trans activist Julie Khan recently gave an interview to a private TV channel calling out the people from Pakistani society who blame transgenders for their involvement in unethical practices and prostitution as their last resort to earn money. She had to say that her community has been suffering for ages in this country because of the blunt and ruthlessly discriminating behavior of Pakistani citizens who are privileged enough to be completely normal. She was of the view that the society which can allow her community to be deprived of basic human rights must not be allowed to criticize its unwanted yet sole means of survival. Her interview spread like fire, and even our famous pop music artist Ali Zafar tweeted expressing his dejection.

Julie Khan’s Interview

Julie Khan has been a very active vocal for the most suppressed and under-rated sector of our society, the transgender community. In her most recent interview, she expressed her utter disappointment and hopelessness towards Pakistani community. She advocated her community and explained that no one ever wants to get involved in the dark world of prostitution and when transgenders are labelled as sex workers by choice, it is the most horrendous allegation. She said that the her community has opted this tool of earning money because they literally had nowhere else to go. They are not allowed to work any prestigious jobs because they are considered taboo, hence depriving them of the very fundamental right of ethical profession.

Trans Activists Blames Pakistani Society For The Suffering Of Her Community

She also raised her voice against a very important issue in society. She said that if sex workers are considered immoral and pathetic, it should be clear that they exist in the first place because people in our society have a demand for such a thing. And such people are equally, rather more pity in their existence. The phenomenon of prostitution would not have been a thing if our Islamic society had enough guts and self control over itself.

She said that people must not forget that they have no parents and no shelter. They have to fight their way through such a society where they struggle in achieving the most basic human rights, and often fail to succeed. They are forced to live alone in slum colonies and horrifying circumstances. They are not given education or jobs in any public service sector or private schemes. Many commit suicide and a lot of them become victims of wilderness of the society. In such conditions, they are forced to beg and become sex workers as to satisfy their mandatory survival needs.

Trans Activists Blames Pakistani Society For The Suffering Of Her Community

Harsh Truth About Transgender Community In Pakistan

Sadly, one cannot deny Julie Khan’s reservations and stance. Our society has most certainly been discriminating and unkind to the less fortunate from the very beginning. They have been accused of being non-Muslims and many other bizarre allegations have been imposed on them just because they cannot raise their voice on any established platform.

Julie Khan had to say that all transgenders call themselves Muslims and there is no sectarianism in her community. It is the ones calling themselves “Muslims” who have actually divided themselves among Sunni, Shia and many other sects. There are no Sunni, Shia or Wahabi transgenders when asked from them. She said that people should think about their own mentality and actions before telling her community to understand religion.

Trans Activists Blames Pakistani Society For The Suffering Of Her Community


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