Total Parco Petrol Pump has Started Hiring Women Staff

Total Parco Petrol Pump has Started Hiring Women Staff


Women in Pakistan are facing a gazillion of deterrence while entering the job world. No matter, how brilliant or exceptional a woman is. She has to face many issues like harassment, the Gender pay gap, the Unemployment penalty, and glass ceiling, etc.

Besides all this, Total Parco Station has taken the bold initiative of employing women in what has always been essentially a male domain. Modestly dressed in pants, collared shirts, and scarves, young women go about filling up tanks of cars and motorcycles.

Total Parco Petrol Pump has Started Hiring Women Staff

It is quite obvious to expect a male staff member to refill your fuel tank whenever you visit any petrol pump in Pakistan. However, if you visit Total Petrol Pump, it is bound to bring a refreshing change to this humdrum routine. Against all the odds, they have now started hiring women staff. Hurrah!

How did it happen?

This all scenario comes to the surface when a Facebook user shared that she noticed some women in uniform, filling petrol in cars that drove in and out of the gas station. According to her post, “Total Petrol Pump has started appointing females for fuel filling”. In addition to this, they are “paying a good salary package too with 8 working hours”.

Moreover, the user was so amazed to watch a woman at the petrol pump that she couldn’t stop herself from asking the lady employee about her experience. Apparently, she talked to one of the female employees about how she felt about working at the petrol station.

Interview of the lady employee

According to the post,

“The women were happy with the working environment and telling the co-staff is also really cooperative. We need to make people understand that poverty can only be reduced with women becoming active members of the working force.”

“With the massive increase in population, more members of the family need to earn,” she continued. “Help those around you in your house staff know about these opportunities.” It must be noted that the minimum qualification for the job is matriculation. The interviewer didn’t reveal the identity and the location of the lady interviewee.

Here comes the lady!

This is one of the only fuel stations in Pakistan that have managed to end the male monopoly. One can only hope that this initiative soon becomes a trend and more women can become a part of this and other similar industries. 

Total Parco Petrol Pump has Started Hiring Women Staff

Certainly, a huge change is coming in Pakistan’s job market. Because, we always associate this work with man, until now. But well, thanks to the efforts of the Total Parco petroleum company, even this barrier has been broken. It is time women are allowed to cross over gender barriers.

As a result, not only will this have a positive economic impact overall but it will also help women become more financially independent. Something that can only be of benefit to society at large.

As long as a woman is prepared to work hard and has a supporting family, there is nothing she cannot do! It is about time our society changed its stereotyped mindset about working women.

Although many other brave and proud ladies of Pakistan already break many stereotypes and gender barriers. However, there is a lot more work needs to be done.

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