Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad


With the nights so lonely and the trees, thickets, and forests casting their shadows everywhere, the superstitions within the minds of locals occur, understanding how the metropolis is full of mountains, empty roads, and mysterious locations. If you are an Islamabadi or a person who visits the city often, do not forget to share your experiences with us. Here are the top 7 haunted places in Islamabad:

1. Buddhist Graveyard Sector F-7

There’s nothing spookier than a cemetery that’s ancient with plenty of history for paranormal activities. The Buddhist cemetery in F-7 Sector of national capital is one in all those graveyards, the supernatural tales of haunted places, that have traveled so much and on the far side by word of mouth. Many folks claim to listen to strange voices, a woman’s wails and therefore the sounds of footsteps. Probably Jinns. Those that have strolled pass the cemetery say that there’s a relentless feeling that someone is watching them in the dark. Even the native guards steer away from it and once mentioned, they tend to avoid the discussion.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

2. Trail-3 Margalla Hills

While the locals and travelers love hiking their way to the top of the hill, trail 3 is allegedly said to be haunted because at times, the tourists have heard rustles and whispers in the forest during night time. Also, the thick forest surrounding the trail intensifies the horrors of the place. It is advised to visit the trail in day light and along with company because one can never be sure of paranormal encounters.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

3. Shah Allah Ditta Caves

If you are a resident of Islamabad, then you probably have heard about and visited these famous caves. Believe it or not but these caves are around 700 years old. The whole area gives you shivers through the spine because it is occupied by old trees and even older caves. This place lives in dead silence.

People have heard noises in the caves at night, like lots of people are talking to each other. Scary. Right?

The residents of the area have also seen dark shadows at night.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

4. Lotus Lake

This defamed lake is situated in Shakarparian. It gained fame when numerous murders occurred in the area. The murderers used to leave the dead bodies by the lake. Maybe this is the reason why this place is considered spooky. The place was naturally embellished and well-kept in the 1970s but over time, the place became barren and unattended. Islamabad Cultural Complex was about to be constructed in the area but the work was halted for some uncertain reasons. In short, the abandoned lake is an info-graphic straight out of a horror movie for sure.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

5. Shakarparian Road

Unidentified shadows, gloomy ambience, shrieks, multitude of cries and what not! Where this road is famous for it’s natural beauty, a person cannot help but notice the spookiness of this place. Travelling on this road at night time requires guts as there have been several encounters involving paranormal entities. Locals hear extremely disturbing sounds at night time. Travelers have allegedly often come across people who vanish. Spine-wrenching.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

6. Kachnar Park, Sector I-8

While many believe that the haunting news of the Kachnar Park is bogus, a number of people have shared their concerns when they visited the park during the night time. Several incidents have led a community of locals to believe in the haunting of the place. Officials never carried out the investigations for the incidents, which further strengthens the notion of lay man.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad

 7. Lok Virsa

The place is extremely popular among the masses. It is considered as one of the most frequently visited places of Islamabad. However, this beautiful place turns into a live horror movie at times.  People have claimed to see shadows by the road and some people also have claimed to hear shrieks and cries of people in the area.

Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad


The notorious tales attached to these places make them the Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad. Share your experience with us if you have visited any of the above mentioned places.

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5 Replies to “Top 7 Haunted Places in Islamabad”

  1. Bull shit,
    As a hiker and outdoor person , i have been camping at nights and hiking and running at day time in all these places for last 32 years naver ever experience anythin . Stop bullshitting

  2. All places which are good for walk and exercise are mentioned here, I am visiting kachnar Park on daily basis mostly in between maghrib and esha, remain there for 45 minutes from lest 3 years but not a single such incident happen to me or any other person known to me.

  3. There is no Buddhist Cemetery in sector F-7. Budhist do not have cemeteries. Please clarify which place is this being refered to.

  4. I personally, along with my dad in late 70’s and early 80’s (when Islamabad was still under development) had several paranormal encounters on Shakrparyian Road, Zero Point, Express way near Faizabad, Sharpariyan’s track behind Pakistan Monument (where there was helipad at that time) and Trail behind Zoo (I think which not many people use now a days). But at that time the roads use to be totally empty after 8pm in winters and around 9-10pm in summers. Zero point was like a small pine tree forest, PIMS hosp. was under construction and there was a single road connecting Blue Area to F-9 Park which was jungle at that time.
    May be the blogger is giving ref. to that time. Yes, I heard several horror stories during those times when Islamabad was in process of development and most of the sectors were still not on map of Islamabad.

  5. It is not a surprise if paranormal activities are seen in these areas as in the evening these places are desolated. Especially in winters

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